Girl Killed In Huffman High School In Alabama Identified

Joe RaedleGetty Images

The 17-year-old girl killed in Huffman High School in northeast Birmingham, Alabama has been identified as Courtlin Arrington, according to AL. The Huffman High School senior was killed and another student was injured when shots were fired inside a classroom at the school on Wednesday. The 17-year-old had already been accepted into college, according to reports, and wanted to become a nurse so she could help people. Another 17-year-old, a male student, and a school employee were also injured in the incident, according to Fox News. The injured student and the employee have not been identified.

Local authorities are investigating the cause of the gunfire, which seems to be accidental. Investigators are trying to determine the circumstances of the shooting shortly before 3:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Birmingham Interim Police Chief Orlando Wilson says. Witnesses are being sought out and footage from school surveillance is been reviewed by the police. The Police Chief stated that “At this particular time, we are considering this accidental,” while addressing the press.

Authorities have determined that the shooting was not done by an outsider entering the Birmingham High School. The school was put on lockdown after the incident and students were later allowed to go home. The school will be closed on Thursday because of the unfortunate incident, school authorities say.


The 17-year-old girl killed in the incident was identified on multiple social media accounts as Courtlin Arrington, according to AL. But authorities have not officially confirmed her identity yet because her family has not been notified. Reports say she was given CPR at the scene by paramedics but died before getting to the hospital. Arrington and the 17-year-old boy injured were both rushed to UAB Hospital in separate Birmingham Fire and Rescue Service trucks. The 17-year-old boy is a junior and a member of the football team, according to reports. The boy was shot in the leg and was reportedly in critical condition upon arrival at the hospital. The injured school employee was released at the scene after evaluation by the paramedics.

The police disclosed that two shots were fired and that the gun used in the shooting has been recovered inside the school. However, unconfirmed sources say a male student was “showing off” his gun when it accidentally discharged, killing Arrington and accidentally shooting himself in the process. According to Time, the police have questioned some students in Huffman High School but they have declined to say how many were interviewed. Birmingham Mayor Randal Woodfin said the deceased girl would have turned 18 in 30 days and was a senior “who had aspirations and dreams to be a nurse.”