March 7, 2018
Farrah Abraham Calls It Quits With Aden Stay, Says 'Being The Best Parent' Is Her Priority

Farrah Abraham has been making headlines since being fired from Teen Mom OG. The reality star has moved on from that life now. She has been working on her business ventures and some new projects. Abraham has made no secret about wanting to work in film and television.

Last week, Farrah Abraham confirmed she was dating Aden Stay. He is a Hollywood stuntman, most notably linked to Rebel Wilson. Abraham had been dating Simon Saran while she was on Teen Mom OG, but has been single for quite a while following their split. While they had been spotted out weeks prior, the former reality star only just confirmed they were a couple.

After just a week of being in the public eye, Farrah Abraham and Aden Stay have called it quits. According to Us Weekly, Abraham wants to focus on being the best parent she can be. Right now, Sophia is her priority, not dating. There were no details given about the split, just confirmation. This comes as a complete shock given it took Farrah so long to confirm the two were a couple. Now, she will be living the single life again. This won't thwart her career though; she is set on moving forward.

In true Farrah fashion, she is already gushing about how successful she is and how that attracts the wrong men. Farrah Abraham has been known to say and do things that would make the average person cringe, but she has a solid fan base. Teen Mom OG is now in her past, something she doesn't want to keep talking about. She is working on building an acting career and has hinted there are projects in the works. Details have not been made available, but if there is one thing you can count on, it is that Abraham is persistent about what she wants.

The split from Aden Stay comes on the heels of Farrah Abraham's ex-boyfriend, Simon Saran tweeting about their relationship. He reportedly had some conversations saved that he put on the social media network. Abraham didn't comment on the reason for the split, but Teen Mom OG fans are already speculating what the reason or reasons were.