White House Spiraling Into Full-Blown Chaos

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“Chaos” is now the buzzword circulating among those privy to the inner workings of the White House, according to multiple news sources, as another top White House figure left the administration this week. However, this seems to be just the beginning as new revelations emerge that could topple the Trump administration.

The abrupt resignation of chief economic adviser Gary Cohn marked another tumultuous week on Pennsylvania Avenue. Cohn is the latest official to leave the Trump administration, which has already experienced a historically unprecedented amount of turnover.

Cohn’s resignation sent a shudder of fear down the spines of some Wall Street investors, causing a dip in the market and concern that shares may continue to plummet.

Although Cohn is not the first high-profile figure to flee the White House, his exit is one of the first that could have far-reaching effects on stock market futures. Cohn, who is a former Goldman Sachs executive, is well-known for his support of businesses.

Cohn’s departure also comes on the heels of Hope Hicks, who resigned last week after an intense interview by Congress where she refused to answer lawmakers’ questions.

There are rumors that national security adviser H.R. McMaster is also slated to leave the administration. McMaster has increasingly become at odds with Trump over several of the president’s policies.

As firings and resignations of top White House officials continue, Trump is also being dogged by shadows from his past as well. Former Trump campaign aide Sam Nunberg began making rounds on the news talk show circuit after being subpoenaed by special counsel Robert Mueller and ordered to provide emails concerning the Trump campaign.

Mueller investigation expands.
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Nunberg initially refused to cooperate, however, after giving some rather disconnected and unhinged interviews, later decided he would turn over the requested information to the Mueller investigation. Nunberg’s about-face also came with an uncorroborated implication that Trump himself was fully aware of Russian contacts with his campaign.

There are more signals that the Mueller probe may be zeroing in on Trump himself.

CNN reports that a man named George Nader, a “mysterious” diplomatic go-between, set up contacts between Trump representatives and Emirati officials in December 2016. Nader also reportedly brokered a January 2017 meeting between Emirati officials, a Russian banker, and Trump ally Erik Prince.

Although the significance of these meetings is not yet known, they were apparently sufficient to draw the attention of special counsel Robert Mueller. According to CNN, Nader was detained for questioning at Dulles Airport by FBI agents back in January. Nader is now reportedly cooperating with investigators.

Additionally, Stormy Daniels, adult film star and alleged former love interest of Trump, reneged on a deal allegedly made between her and a Trump lawyer not to reveal details of an alleged affair with Trump.

Daniels was reportedly paid $130,000 for her silence about the trysts, but now says she has a right to tell her side of the story because Trump failed to sign off on the agreement. Trump reportedly had the affair just after the birth of his youngest son, Barron.