March 7, 2018
A Woman Is Dead And A Man Charged With Murder After Using A Mortar Bomb - Yes, A Bomb - As A 'Stimulation Aid'

A Peruvian couple allegedly used a mortar bomb -- that is, an actual, armed weapon used in warfare -- as a sex toy during a lovemaking session that would ultimately prove fatal to the woman, the Toronto Sun is reporting. And now the woman's husband has found himself charged with murder.

Back on November 4, 2017, Dr. Ruben Valera Cornejo and his wife, Alisson Llerena de Mendiburu, were doing what married couples do when they decided to spice things up. According to Cornejo, the drunken couple decided, on Alisson's urging, to use objects around the house as sex toys.

The couple, for reasons that aren't clear, happened to have a bomb. Specifically, they had a "mortar bomb," which, according to the Irish Sun, has a long, narrow end and a wide, flared end. Arequipa police chief Javier Arana said that the bomb was about two inches wide and sixteen inches long. It was believed to be "inactive" and had been lying around the house, used as a decoration. It is not clear how or where the couple came into possession of the device.

What happened next is not clear. Cornejo says that he doesn't remember anything, and claims to have fallen asleep. He only realized something was amiss when he woke up and found his wife unconscious.

"I do not remember how many sexual objects we had, nor do I remember the characteristics of the sexual object that I introduced or the time I did it."
Mendiburu ultimately died of an internal hemorrhage. Traces of blood and pubic hair were found on the bomb. Painkillers were also found nearby, which police say the couple used to control the pain from their use of the bomb and other objects.

an example of a mortar bomb

The bomb is not believed to have detonated during the sex act.

Cornejo has since been arrested and charged with murder. Washington Llerena, the victim's father, says that Cornejo should pay for what he did.

"He should be jailed for what he did with my daughter. I will keep on fighting until the end."
According to a 2014 Bustle report, sex can indeed be hazardous, especially when alcohol or failure to think things through enter the mix. Most sexual injuries are minor - pulled muscles, for example, or burns from friction. In extreme cases there can be vaginal tearing, broken penises, broken bones, and in even rare cases, death.