‘My 600-Lb Life: Skin Tight’ Stars Achieved 6,818-Lb Weight Loss: Stephanie And Darcy Share Their Journey

The stars of My 600-Lb Life often stun viewers with their weight loss and before-and-after photos. But even after shedding huge amounts of weight, some still feel, as one contestant put it, like the “fat girl.” There’s a solution — but it’s a dramatic one — in helping that situation by removing the excess skin, as shown in My 600-Lb Life: Skin Tight.

For those with excessive weight to lose, the skin left after their weight loss success can make them hesitate to step out in revealing clothes, whether it’s shorts and a tank top or a bikini. TLC’s My 600-lb Life: Skin Tight features Dr. Nowzaradan, who works with other plastic surgeons to help those who want to transform their bodies with skin removal surgery, reported Life & Style.

Feeling Like ‘The Fat Girl’

During Season 3, TLC will broadcast 13 episodes. Each show will follow two to three weight loss success stories who want to complete their transformation by removing their excess skin. The season will include several “Where Are They Now?” shows. In all, the new season of My 600-lb Life: Skin Tight will star 29 individuals who shed a total of 6,818 pounds. Each one hopes that the plastic surgeons can help to achieve that dream body.

The patients are candid about the challenges that the excess skin presents.

“I lost 320 pounds, but I’m still reminded of being the fat girl. This extra skin is a punishment worse than death.”

The March 7 premiere of the new season of My 600-Lb Life: Skin Tight featured Stephanie, Darcy, and B.J. After losing 200 pounds, Stephanie is ready to have her excess skin removed. Her mom, Darcy lost 140 pounds and wants to join her daughter in completing her transformation. And then there’s B.J., who was motivated to change when he became a dad. He once weighed 500 pounds: Now he weighs 150 pounds, but the skin remaining continues to be an obstacle.

Eight Pounds Of Excess Skin Removed

Stephanie and Darcy talked with Newsweek about the experiencing of having the TLC cameras film their weight loss journey for My 600-lb Life: Skin Tight. During her first surgery, Darcy had more than three pounds of excess skin removed, with five pounds of skin taken away during her second surgery. Stephanie had more than eight pounds in her first surgery and three pounds in her second. They admitted the challenges in letting the cameras film their journey. Darcy recalled her fears.

“Having my skin removal surgery journey filmed was the most out of my comfort zone thing I’ve ever done in my life. I’m a very private person and letting the world into my little circle was frightening.”

Darcy praised the producers and TV crew for their professional approach that helped calm her nerves. Stephanie reflected on her hopes for her participation.

“I agreed to share my story in the hopes that it may reach someone sharing the same struggles as I was. Maybe seeing this episode can help them spark a change in their life,” said Stephanie.

Neither Stephanie nor Darcy expressed any regrets in going through with the filming of their surgery. Both emphasized that they feel more comfortable and free after the excess skin removal procedures. They also expressed gratitude for the opportunity and plan to continue eating right and exercising.