Lauren Swanson Can't Keep Her Hands Off Josiah Duggar In Video With His Family

Counting On star Josiah Duggar recently put a ring on Lauren Swanson's finger, and Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar couldn't be happier for the young couple. The matriarch and patriarch of the Duggar family filmed a special video to commemorate the couple's engagement, and it looks like Lauren is already taking full advantage of being a fiancée. She's allowed to hold Josiah's hand now, but this isn't all that she did while her future in-laws praised her for being a "godly woman."

On Wednesday, the Duggar family shared their latest round of celebratory videos on their YouTube page. The Duggars love to film themselves congratulating each other on every major life event, and their increasing numbers haven't stopped them from doing so. They clearly still believe that each pregnancy announcement, birth, marriage, and engagement is deserving of its own special video acknowledgement. Most of these videos are all fairly similar, but Jim Bob and Michelle decided to mix things up a bit for the engagement of 21-year-old Josiah Duggar and 18-year-old Lauren Swanson. Instead of simply addressing the couple by talking to the camera, they got the lovebirds to appear alongside them.

Even though Lauren Swanson is standing right next to her in the video, Michelle Duggar occasionally refers to her future daughter-in-law in the third person.

"We love Lauren. She is such a precious girl," she says.

"I know Josiah feels very honored that you have accepted him as your fiancé."
Lauren says little in the video, even though Josiah tries to get her to talk by asking her if she has "anything to say for [herself]." However, her actions speak louder than her words. A fan page observed that she is showing her affection for her future husband through her body language.

"CAN YOU SEE HER RUBBING HER THUMB ON HIS ARM???" read a post on the Let's Talk Duggars Tumblr. "I can feel the sexual tension between these 2 from here! They wanna do it, ASAP."

As you can see in the video above, Lauren is holding Josiah's left hand with her right hand. She's using her free hand to grip his forearm while she strokes his skin with her thumb. She doesn't stop doing this until Jim Bob starts talking about how excited he is about her and Josiah's engagement.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar expect their children to follow a strict set of rules when they begin a romantic relationship. All dates must be chaperoned, and physical contact is limited to the occasional side-hug. As reported by People, a couple gets to enjoy a little more freedom after they graduate from the courtship stage. Once they're engaged, they can hold hands. However, Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson won't get to share their first kiss until their wedding day.

The couple doesn't talk kisses in the video with Jim Bob and Michelle, but Josiah does say something about what he's looking forward to most about being a married man.

"I'm really looking forward to marrying you," the Counting On star says to a smiling Lauren. "And starting a new life and a new journey together with you along that path with me."