March 7, 2018
'Little People, Big World' Stars Jeremy & Audrey Roloff Share Their Love Story In New Book

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff are sharing intimate details about their personal lives. The Little People, Big World stars recently announced that they are currently in the process of writing a book that tells of their love story -- from their dating journey, marriage, and parenthood.

The couple made the announcement via Instagram, where they also posted an adorable video as a teaser for their exciting project. According to Jeremy and Audrey, the yet untitled book has "never before told" stories about how the two of them got together.

"Over the years Jeremy and I have received thousands of comments, messages, and e-mails containing questions about dating, long distance, purity, conflict, love, and how we prepared for marriage. That being said, it is so liberating to finally be able to share this exciting news with all of you...WE ARE WRITING A BOOK!!!!" Jeremy and Audrey wrote.

"The book is essentially our love story. We are spilling never before told tales from our dating journey and all the ups and downs and ins and outs of our love story."
The Little People, Big World couple also stated that their new project is a "labor of love." The two said that they are now spending most of their days at home to work on the book. Jeremy and Audrey are parents to 6-month-old baby Ember, so they do most of their writing at night when the baby is asleep.Audrey has previously opened up about how she met and fell in love with Jeremy. In her blog, the 26-year-old wrote that she met her now-husband on a blind date when she was a freshman college student. Two years after that, they began a relationship even though they lived apart. After a three-year long-distance relationship, Jeremy and Audrey got married at the Roloff Farms in 2015. Their wedding was featured on Little People, Big World. Last year, the couple made another milestone in their relationship when they welcomed their first baby, Ember Jean Roloff.
"The pages are filling up with our failures and successes, what we learned from dating and long distance, and how we prepared more for our marriage than our wedding."
This isn't the first time for Jeremy and Audrey to try their hand at writing. Aside from maintaining a blog, the couple has also published a marriage journal. The LPBW stars are known to their fans as born-again Christians, and they shared their Bible-based beliefs in the journal. Jeremy and Audrey stated that their new book will hopefully inspire their readers to seek a godly relationship.
"We cant wait to share what we've learned from our own dating journey in order to equip our readers to build Godly relationships from their first date to 'I do' and beyond."
Of course, Jeremy Roloff comes from a family of authors. His father Matt, the LPBW patriarch, has penned several books mostly about how he overcame challenges associated with dwarfism. Last year, Matt Roloff released a children's book, Little Lucy, Big Race." Jacob Roloff, Jeremy's youngest sibling, has also self-published a collection of his short essays and is about to release another book very soon.

Aside from their personal projects, the Roloff family is also busy with the upcoming new season of Little People, Big World. The long-time reality show is reportedly set to return on TLC this spring.