Rand Paul’s Son Charged With Assault After Drunken Flight Skirmish

Rand Paul’s son, William Horton Paul — who was arrested earlier this month — has been charged with assault as well as several other counts, it has been reported.

Rand Paul’s son was taken into custody after a skirmish during a journey from Lexington to Kentucky. After William Horton Paul’s arrest, police told media sources that the 19-year-old — son to Rand and grandson to Ron Paul — may have been served alcohol aboard a flight before the incident.

But after the case hit the national news, a spokesman for US Airways, Todd Lehmacher, told the Charlotte Observer that Paul was not given any alcohol aboard the flight:

“It is important to note that William Hilton Paul was not served alcohol onboard his US Airways flight from Lexington to Charlotte this past Saturday.”

Paul was booked on that Saturday at about 8:45 and bailed out two and a half hours later for the sum of $750. After the incident, Rand Paul’s office said in a statement:

“Sen. Paul is a national public figure and subject to scrutiny in the public arena. However, as many parents with teenagers would understand, his family should be afforded the privacy and respect they deserve in a situation such as this.”

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Following the incident, Paul’s son William was hit with multiple charges for the incident, details of which have not emerged to press. The younger Paul was charged with assaulting a flight attendant, underage alcohol consumption, disorderly conduct, and being intoxicated and disruptive.