Heather Locklear’s Home Raided After ‘Melrose Place’ Star Threatened To Shoot The Police, ‘TMZ’ Reports

Amanda EdwardsGetty Images

Heather Locklear’s residence at Thousand Oaks, California had unexpected visitors while she was away after police, armed with a search warrant, arrived to raid the vicinity looking for the weapon she threatened them with last week.

The embattled Melrose Place actress has become subject of headlines once again after authorities went to her home more than a week after she was arrested on charges of domestic battery and three counts of battery of a police officer on February 25, ABC10 reported late on Tuesday.

Shortly after, the law enforcers visited Locklear’s house to look for the gun she threatened them with at the time of her arrest.

According to TMZ, police arrived at her home on Tuesday with a search warrant while the 56-year-old Dynasty star was away. Unnamed sources told the outlet that she is currently at a medical facility for rehabilitation following her disgruntled arrest where cops found out that she was heavily intoxicated when she was arrested.

After turning the place inside out, the law enforcers failed to locate any weapon at Heather Locklear’s residence. However, they were able to confirm that she owns a handgun when they stumbled upon a registration document for the weapon during their probe, which allowed them to get a search warrant.


TMZ was able to confirm that the actress does own a handgun which she procured in 1985, based on their own informant.

Heather Locklear, who became popular for her role as Amanda Woodward in Melrose Place, was taken into custody for causing a disturbance when she got into a heated argument with her boyfriend, Chris Heisser.

After the 911 call placed by her own brother prompted cops to arrive, it was revealed that she bit Heisser’s nose, which became the grounds for her arrest. But instead of going with the police peacefully, Locklear reportedly resisted arrest, causing the enforcers to file three counts of battery of a police officer against her.

According to Inside Edition, Heather Locklear is not the only Melrose Place alum to have an encounter with law enforcement authorities, calling the show “cursed.” In 2010, Amy Locane, who landed the role of Sandy Harling when she was only 19 got arrested for driving under the influence.

On top of that, the Inquisitr previously reported about a sexual misconduct complaint filed against Jamie Luner for allegedly performing oral stimulation to a minor.