The Standup Comedian Gad Elmaleh Unveils His Performance On Netflix

Thomas PadillaAP Images

Moroccan French-Jewish comedian and actor, Gad Elmaleh, debuted on Tuesday his stand-up comedy act for the first time in the United States on Netflix called Gad Elmaleh: American Dream.

Elmaleh is starting a brand new phase and in a way a new venture in the U.S. As he indicated during his Netflix premiere, he came from France with a fortune and 23 years doing stand-up comedy experience from there.

This is not the first time the Moroccan born comedian launched a Netflix show. According to Uproxx, Elmaleh has already a French-language special show known as Gad Gone Wild on the streaming service.

“He seems like any other stand-up with a new special out on the streaming service, but his slight accent, outsider’s perspective, and physical prowess on stage reveal an act that isn’t 100 percent familiar. Despite everything Elmaleh does and says to try and fit into the American comedy mold, what he says and how he says it actually helps him stand apart. That’s a good thing.”

Elsewhere, Elmaleh’s experience can also be found on the big screen. He has been featured in movies like Midnight in Paris, Priceless, La Doublure, and Coco (not the animated film from Disney and Pixar).

As reported by The New Yorker, Elmaleh has been heralded the funniest person in France. In addition, the analysis goes on to explain that on his way to fame happened to strike in Paris. After a supposed fallout at the University of Quebec, he moved there.

Afterward, he became famous after playing characters like Chouchou, which is a North African transvestite. Having a starring role in Coco let him down on a path to success. He has sold out shows in Europe, so he has plenty of experience but a lot to prove in the U.S.


Vanity Fair reported that Elmaleh has been compared to a particular American comedian, Jerry Seinfeld. He has been referred to as the French version of Seinfeld.

“Gad Elmaleh is a big deal in France—which, the more we think about it, would make for a great Twitter bio. Often referred to as France’s version of Jerry Seinfeld, the comedian is a big ticket both at the box office and onstage.”

In his 57 minutes on Netflix, Elmaleh is operating outside of his comfort zone. He is doing a standup show completely in English and has predominantly done it in French. Also, he does speak Arabic and Hebrew. A total of four languages for the professional comedian.

What you come away when watching Elmaleh is he is immersed in the American culture. Throughout his American Dream show, he shares plenty of anecdotes of his immediate experiences in New York City and elsewhere.

Ultimately, the sketch is a fusion of many elements. It dives into the culture, food obsessions, dating, slag, and more. He incorporates a lot of language into his show and these are the many facets Elmaleh is known for outside of the U.S.