Who Went Home On ‘The Challenge: Vendettas’ Episode 10? [Spoilers]


There were rumors and bullying on The Challenge: Vendettas tonight, as Devin put a plan in action and it worked. However, would it help him when it came to the Elimination Challenge on The Challenge Season 31? Find out who went home on The Challenge: Vendettas tonight below in our The Challenge spoilers.

Last week on The Challenge Season 31, the Troika voted and it was Kailah voted into the Elimination Challenge to take on Marie, who was voted in by her team, which lost the previous challenge. For the challenge, they had to escape out of a basket and then put a puzzle together. Kailah dominated on this one, as she won and Marie was eliminated. The next challenge had them playing bubble soccer while wearing stilts. The losing team voted in Devin, as he was ticked it was him over Johnny Bananas. Kayleigh surprised everyone by voting for Devin and not Bananas, like her show boyfriend Nelson did. More details are going to come out tonight and cause some major drama.

The Troika

Before the Troika met, Devin was campaigning to get Johnny Bananas voted in because Devin wanted to take him down. The Troika met and Kailah was determined to get Bananas as one of the nominees, but she was working with Zach and Tony, who would not vote for Bananas. In the end, the three nominees were Johnny Bananas, Leroy, and Nelson.


The Inquisition

It was time to fight to not be the nominee on The Challenge: Vendettas, as it all seemed to come down to Tony. Zach was going to vote in Nelson and Kailah was going to vote in Bananas, so it was Nelson and Bananas fighting to get Tony on their side.

Manipulating The Game?

Devin really wanted to take on Johnny Bananas, so he shared some details with Nelson. Apparently, earlier in the season, Devin saw Kayleigh and Bananas hooking up. He told this to Nelson, as he wanted to break them up and get Bananas in the middle of the drama, as he would be frazzled and hopefully taking Devin on in the Elimination Challenge.

The House Is Blowing Up

After a night of partying, Britni, Jemmye, and Kailah decided that Kayleigh was the enemy. They had words at the club and then decided to take Kayleigh’s bed and suitcase and throw it off the balcony into the living room. Things got very heated, as Kayleigh went to a hotel for the night. The girls felt they did nothing wrong, but the others in the house were calling them bullies.

Elimination Challenge

Before things started, TJ Lavin called out the girls for being bullies to Kayleigh. He said if it happened again, they would be gone. The Troika voted and it was a shocker, as Tony flipped his vote and it was Johnny Bananas voted in to take on Devin, who was beyond excited. For the actual challenge, it was called “Not So Bright” and they had to completely light a board of lights, which started with only a few of them lit. They had to hit a button and keep running back and forth to turn on the lights that were off. The first one to light up their full board would win this challenge.



This was a very close race, as no one seemed to know who was actually leading the entire challenge. Devin wanted to take on Johnny Bananas and beat him, and that is exactly what he did. This was close, but Devin pulled it off and won the challenge. That meant Johnny Bananas was eliminated tonight. For his win, Devin got a grenade and his choices were: Weighted Down, which allowed him to add weight to someone at the next challenge; Tied Up, which allowed him to tie up someone’s ankles at the next challenge; or Team Up, which allowed him to make the teams at the next challenge.

Another Shocker

As the grenades were delivered, Kayleigh delivered another shocker during the elimination. She said she does not condone bullying and does not need to go through it, so she was leaving the show. TJ supported that, so Kayleigh was also eliminated tonight.

The Challenge: Vendettas airs on Tuesday nights at 9/8c on MTV.