Kim Kardashian Introduces Fans To Louis, Her Louis-Vuitton-Printed Snake, And Some People Aren’t Happy

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On Instagram, Kim Kardashian introduced her fans and the world to Little Louis, a snake that appears to be printed with the Louis Vuitton logo. In the picture that was posted, the snake in question seems to be printed with gold and purple, as well as the signature LV of the designer brand. While the reality star did not share any other details about what appears to be the newest member of the family, people on social media certainly had plenty to say.

As Marie Claire pointed out, Kim Kardashian does seem to have a very long history with snakes. In the past, her fans have even posted snake emojis to Taylor Swift’s Instagram account after Kardashian released footage of the singer apparently being in the know about Kanye West referencing her in his song “Famous,” which many people found to be controversial. However, no matter what kind of history Kim Kardashian has with snakes, her newest post seems to have gotten people talking, especially as they debate how the logo of the brand got on the snake’s body.

Some have said that the logo is fake and something that was added with Photoshop, with a few telling Kim to credit the artist for their work. Still other people seem to believe that the print is real and that this is a case of animal abuse.

Little Louis.

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On Twitter, one user called the image inappropriate, while another said that they really believe this is a case of Kim Kardashian having too much money. Over on Instagram, where Kardashian posted the picture of Little Louis, some people said that they did not think there was any way that was real, while others called it tacky and expressed sympathy for the snake. Overall, it seems like many people found the picture to be over the top, and possibly out of line as well.

However, while there were certainly people unimpressed with Kim Kardashian’s Louis-Vuitton-inspired snake, there were also people who were quick to defend the reality star, finding the picture to be cool. One Instagram follower said that the snake was beautiful, while another said it reminded them of their wallet. Still others shared their thoughts on the snake not even being real or at the very least not alive, so there was no way this could be a case of animal abuse.

Although opinions on Little Louis are mixed, it is clear that Kim Kardashian was able to get her followers talking, even with little detail and a simple picture. Whether or not the Louis Vuitton print is real or even if the snake is a fake as well, it seems that Louis the snake has made quite the impression in his introduction to the world.