‘The Bachelor’ Slammed: ‘This Guy Is A Tool,’ Suggests Fox Host After Clip Made Spectacle Of Becca’s Misery

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Not only is The Bachelor being accused of airing a scene that makes a spectacle out of human misery, but the scene is also thought to be a “producer-driven exploitation,” suggests the Vulter. The hosts on Fox’s The Five showed a clip of Bachelor Arie Luyendyk changing his mind and dumping his fiancee in lieu of deciding he wanted the runner-up of the show instead. This is when they referred to Arie as “a tool,” after witnessing The Bachelor in action on that clip from the season finale.

The Bachelor is a long-running show and unhappy scenes are very much a part of its structure, suggests the article from Vulture. The usual type of disappointment for this show is seen week after week as someone is sent home as a result of a rose ceremony. But Vulture claims what went on with this season’s show was a different type of sadness altogether.

The 30-minute split screen of Becca and Arie’s faces allowed the audience the opportunity of not missing one moment of this woman’s pain. Vulture writes the following.

“The decision to air this entire breakdown, from not one but two camera angles at the same time, amounted to a producer-level decision that if some human exploitation was good for the show, the maximum possible onscreen torture would be even better.”

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The hosts on The Five watched this clip with the same amount of disgust as those that appeared in many of the media outlets who reported on the episode after watching the show. The Vulture’s article suggests that this scene of misery was orchestrated by the producers as Arie looks up a few times and appears to be prodded to go back after Becca whose emotions are in a shambles. He follows her despite her repeated requests to be left alone.

The Vulture also suggests how this show became a “presentation of a man being puppeteered by reality-TV producers, and it became an indictment of a franchise plummeting to new depths of ratings-mining cynicism.”

Entertainment Weekly reports it looks as if someone or possibly a group of people doesn’t hold Arie Luyendyk Jr. in high regard after billboards slamming the guy have sprouted up in Los Angeles and Minnesota. So far, there’s been 16 billboards in total. The billboards went up on Tuesday morning following last night’s season finale of The Bachelor.

There is a short, simple message for Arie posted on the billboards. “Arie… Not Okay, Just Leave.” It is signed by “Everyone.” The billboard is all black with white lettering and a few red rose peddles are sprinkled in one corner. People across the social media sites appeared just as disgusted as some of the critiques of last night’s show convey.