March 7, 2018
Blac Chyna's Bikini Photo-Shoot Gets More Than 1,100 Fiery Comments, 13,000 Facebook Shares Of 'TMZ' Photos

Blac Chyna is getting a big response to her recently published bikini photo-shoot images. As reported by TMZ, Blac Chyna indulged in a photo-shoot in Malibu last weekend. Chyna wore a black and pink string bikini with fringes hanging and billowing in the wind, along with her long hair extensions. Blac's bikini photos were published on Tuesday, March 6 at 2:15 p.m. ET, and a little more than two hours later, the article had been shared on Facebook more than 13,000 times and had gained more than 1,100 comments on TMZ alone.

Chyna has been the subject of adult video leaks recently, with at least one video proven not to be Blac, reports the publication, which noted that Blac likely wanted to remind the world of "her most definitive feature" -- Chyna's backside -- but folks in the comments section have plenty to say about that feature.

Some folks are writing that Blac "is beyond disgusting," while others are calling her buttocks gross-looking and not beautiful. Comparisons to the backsides of Khloe Kardashian and Kim Kardashian are being made by viewers of Blac's photos. Meanwhile, others are commenting that they don't understand where the attractiveness of "giant butts like that" lay, with Chyna's buttocks called not proportional to the rest of her body and "clearly artificially enhanced," according to one commentator.

Blac is getting backlash from folks who call her body "deformed and crazy looking like two huge basketballs." Others are quipping that "the plastic surgeon responsible for this should be jailed." Although there could be plenty of viewers of Blac's photos who find her body beautiful, many people leaving comments on TMZ's site are publishing negative feedback. Some are leaving humorous comments, joking that they wouldn't mind Chyna standing in front of them on a windy day to block the wind, or writing that her backside looks like it could blow at any minute.

From quips about buying two airplane seats to nearly unprintable things, people are really expressing their opinions strongly about Blac's backside. Others are writing that Chyna looked fine and beautiful years ago without the need to enhance her body in any way. Photos of Blac Chyna allegedly before any enhancements were published by Life & Style.