Farrah Abraham Dishes On Life After ‘Teen Mom,’ Says Jennifer Lawrence Should Watch Out, Reports ‘Pop Culture’

Michele Eve SandbergAP Images

Farrah Abraham’s time on Teen Mom OG has officially come to an end. The reality TV mom has been fired from the MTV series and will not return for future seasons of the show. However, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a plan about where her career will go next.

According to a March 5 report by Pop Culture, Farrah Abraham recently opened up about what she plans to do now that her reality TV days are behind her. Abraham, who has been known as one of the most controversial Teen Mom stars, says she is going to focus more on scripted television and acting jobs. Abraham claims she will be shying away from reality TV, but she hasn’t ruled it out completely when it comes to future projects.

Farrah claims that she “left” Teen Mom OG at the “height” of the show and that she’s happy with her choice. Abraham says she will “solely” be focused on acting in scripted roles and leaning toward more “dramatic” acting gigs.

Farrah Abraham told the site that because Teen Mom OG turned into a show with “plotted fake scenes,” she already has some acting experience.

“I see it as I’ll be the best actress this world has ever seen. Watch out JLaw,” Abraham joked hinting that she was coming for Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence’s acting title.

Farrah also spoke out about her work ethic, saying that she “enjoys working” and that she is successful in whatever she decides to put effort into. In addition, Abraham says that her daughter, Sophia, is already an actress and “will do amazing in scripted work as well.”

Despite appearing on reality TV shows such as Teen Mom OG, Couple’s Therapy, Family Boot Camp, Botched, and Millionaire Matchmaker, she also has acting experience, as she’s had roles in films such as Axeman 2: Overkill and Adam K. She has also appeared in two adult films, which is one of the reasons why she was fired from MTV.

Farrah Abraham fans can continue to watch her on Teen Mom OG for the duration of the current season. The show airs Monday nights at 9 p.m. on MTV.