Scheana Shay's Ex, Mike Shay, Slams Her On Social Media While She Speaks Positively About Him

It seems that Scheana Shay's ex-husband, Mike Shay, has watched some of the latest Vanderpump Rules episodes and doesn't like what Scheana has had to say about him and their marriage. On Monday night, as the latest episode aired, Mike re-tweeted some viewers' tweets that criticized Scheana for being disrespectful towards Mike and their marriage.

One tweet that Mike re-tweeted gave the opinion that the way Scheana handled the demise of their relationship was "disgusting."

"@MikeShayMusic I don't know how you dealt with all of it on TV.The way everything was handled was disgusting.I get it 100 %"
Another tweet that Mike re-tweeted criticized Scheana for talking "a lot of s**t" about Mike and their relationship despite still keeping his last name because she likes how it sounds.
"Scheana sure talks a lot of s**t about @MikeShayMusic and their relationship yet won't change her name back to her maiden because she "likes how it sounds"??? God, I feel for the man. He's the real MVP."
Mike also re-tweeted a viewer's tweet that declared him to be the winner of the show.
"Shay is a cutie and the real mvp @MikeShayMusic"
This season of Vanderpump Rules has shown Scheana Shay talk glowingly about her boyfriend, Rob Valleta, with whom she has since split, and her relationship with him. On several occasions, Scheana has compared Rob and her relationship with him to her ex-husband, Mike Shay, and their marriage.

During her appearance on Andy Cohen's talk show Watch What Happens Live on Monday night, Scheana was asked by a viewer about the comments she has made this past season about Mike and their marriage. The viewer told Scheana that she has made a lot of "disparaging" comments about Mike and that it seems that she has tried to "de-legitimize" her marriage to him. The viewer asked Scheana if she still talks to Mike and whether she regrets the comments she made about him while she was with Rob.

Scheana defended herself by pointing out that the nature of Vanderpump Rules means that the cast members are asked to make comparisons and talk about the past. She quickly added, however, that she has a lot of respect and love for Mike and that she apologizes for anything that she said that seemed disrespectful.
"I'll say for like the 17th time, I haven't watched a lot of this season yet so I don't know what I've said. I know that there are a lot of things that we do, comparisons, on our show because we do flashbacks and there are things that I've said that maybe did seem negative but, I mean, I will always have a lot of respect and love for Shay so anything that I've said that seemed disrespectful, I will apologize for."
As for whether she has spoken to Mike recently, Scheana said that she hasn't spoken to him last season's reunion show. Yet she also revealed that she knows that Mike's currently in a relationship and doing really well.
"I haven't spoken to him since the reunion last year. I know he's happy in a new relationship and doing really well and I'm happy for him."
It was at that reunion show that Scheana revealed to Mike that she was dating Rob, a mutual friend of theirs. Mike seemed stunned that Scheana had moved on so quickly, and with someone he knows on top of that. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, after that reunion show aired, Mike posted a video that portrayed Scheana as an ungrateful gold digger who's out for fame.

As reported by E! News on Tuesday, during her podcast Scheananigans, Scheana Shay admitted that she hasn't been watching the latest Vanderpump Rules episodes because she knows she looks "really stupid" in them when talking about Rob Valleta and their relationship. She also admitted that when the demise of her marriage to Mike aired last season, it wasn't hard for her to watch that because she was in a happy relationship with Rob.

"Last season, watching my divorce wasn't as hard for me because I was in a very happy relationship, and I was madly in love with Rob."