March 7, 2018
Dorothy Bruns Graphic Crash Video, Facebook Photos: Staten Island Woman Pictured Texting After Crash Kills Two

Dorothy Bruns of Staten Island was photographed texting on an FDNY gurney after the 44-year-old allegedly hit two children, who were run over "like dogs," according to the New York Daily News. Bruns was reportedly out of control when driving straight through a red light in Brooklyn on Monday, as seen in the below graphic video. Two children died as a result of the horrific crash, which involved Dorothy's car dragging the stroller of one child more than 350 feet down the street.

Now, Dorothy's driving record, along with her Facebook photos, is coming into focus in the wake of the crash.

As reported by Heavy, Abigail Blumenstein was killed in the accident. She is a 4-year-old girl, whose mother is Ruthie Ann Miles, a Tony Award-winning actress, who is pictured above. Miles was injured, reports EW, with her real name being Ruthie Ann Blumenstein.

A little boy, 1-year-old Joshua Lew, also died in the horrific crash. His mother, Lauren Lew, was also injured. The crash happened in the tony Park Slope neighborhood at Ninth St. and Fifth Ave. at around 12:40 p.m.

Bruns apparently has plenty of traffic violations on her record, with citations for running red lights at least four times over the past two years. Dorothy reportedly tried to flee the scene, according to witnesses, but crashed into other cars, later claiming that she had a seizure while driving. Miles was reportedly in her seventh month of pregnancy and suffered critical injuries in the crash.

The latest updates reveal that both mothers are in stable condition, as the focus of the internet turns to the woman who allegedly caused the tragedy.
According to the New York Post, Bruns indeed hails from Staten Island and tried to flee the scene before being stopped by others who saw the crash happen.
On her Facebook page, one of the most recent posts featured Dorothy, writing, "Guess who's cleared and going back to work this b**** I'm so excited."

That post on the Facebook page named "Dorothy Anne" is receiving a plethora of backlash.

Dorothy also posted a photo noting that things can change in the blink of an eye.