Microsoft Surface Pro Comes With Built-In LTE Connectivity, Making It Ideal For Business Users

Richard DrewAP Images

Microsoft Surface Pro, which launched on Tuesday, March 6, comes with a unique feature designed for business users — built-in LTE connectivity.

Unlike older laptop models that have to be tethered to a phone to connect via LTE, the latest Surface Pro can automatically connect to a cellular network when Wi-Fi is not available. This feature gives the new Windows product an edge over Apple’s MacBooks.

Microsoft is among the first to include LTE connectivity in its line of computer products. As noted by CNBC, this gives Microsoft a competitive advantage over Apple because the Silicon Valley tech firm only supports LTE connection on iPads and not on MacBooks.

Designed For Business Users

Those who need to stay online most of the time, such as business users, are the main target of the LTE-capable Surface Pro. This feature is useful especially in airports where the signal can be unreliable. In the United States, users can choose any carrier such as T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T.

One trend to look forward to this year is having laptops with built-in LTE thanks to the Always Connected PC by Qualcomm. Microsoft is one of the earliest companies to release an LTE-capable portable computer.

The 2-in-1 computer from Microsoft lives up to its promise of allowing users to work anywhere. The Surface Pro with LTE looks quite similar to the Wi-Fi only model released a year ago. The touchscreen is 12.3 inches, and it ships with a seventh generation Intel Core processor. The device comes with a 3:2 aspect ratio and the only difference between the new model with LTE and the standard Surface Pro is a polycarbonate strip at the top where the SIM tray is also located.


As for price, the model with LTE is $150 more expensive than the regular Surface Pro: $1,149 for 4GB RAM and 128 GB storage and $1,449 for 8GB RAM and 256 GB storage. Based on a review by The Verge, the best way to describe the device is that it is freeing.

The Surface Pro LTE is unlocked, and Microsoft doesn’t have a preferred carrier. The manufacturer suggests that battery life can last for about 12.5 hours, just one hour lower than the Wi-Fi model. In the review, the Surface Pro lasted for about seven hours.

Connecting to the cellular network through LTE is also easy and quick. As pointed out in the review, it would be best to have an unlimited data plan for the Microsoft Surface Pro LTE or else you have to monitor data usage continually.