The Duggar Family’s Pastor Slams Homosexuals In Book, ‘Radar Online’ Reports

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The Duggar family is known to be openly against homosexuality and it not surprising that their long-time pastor shares the same view. According to Radar Online, the senior pastor of Cross Church in Arkansas, Ronald Floyd slammed homosexuals in his 2004 book, The Gay Agenda. The Cross Church, also known as the First Baptist Church of Springdale is the place of worship of the Duggars.

In the book, the senior pastor of the church calls the homosexual lifestyle a “pervasive problem” in society. The minister also rejects the idea of transgender men and women, stating that sexuality “is not and cannot be genderless.” The view by the pastor is a reflection of the beliefs of the Duggar family. In 2014, the family received backlash for deleting pictures of same-sex couples kissing on their Facebook and Instagram. The pictures of same-sex couples kissing were posted by fans in response to a social media challenge, according to Radar Online.

The report claims that Floyd does not believe in gay marriage but welcomes homosexuals to his church to practice religion. The pastor believes that if it is not marriage in God’s eyes, it is not marriage. In the controversial book, Ronnie Floyd talks about the “gay agenda”, whose goal according to the pastor is to initiate people into its lifestyle. This initiation or “baptism” is a process that makes the lifestyle normal and widely accepted. The minister alleges that being gay is causing problems in society and he feels that the issue is dividing homes, churches, and even nations.


Ronnie Floyd is a former president of the Southern Baptist Convention, a network of about 16 million members and over 50,000 churches. It is America’s largest Protestant denomination and it was founded in 1845. During his time as president of the association, he vowed to stand against same-sex marriage, according to the Washington Post. The SBC claims that “homosexuality is not a valid alternative lifestyle” and the organization is also against same-sex marriage.


According to Celebrity Insider, the Duggar family have been vocal about their opposition to the idea of same-sex marriage. Michelle Duggar’s lesbian sister, Evelyn Ruark, has even reportedly been shunned by the family because of her sexual orientation. The pastor’s view may not be surprising to many, but there are some that may feel offended by his book. The book by Dr. Ronnie Floyd was published in 2004, 14 years ago, but the opposition to homosexuality is evident in the Duggar family. Whether the family may soften their position concerning this issue or not is yet to be seen.