Florida Middle School Teacher Admits She Hosted White Supremacist Podcast, Claims It’s Satire

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Dayanna Volitich, a Florida social studies teacher at Crystal River Middle School in Crystal River, Florida, also goes by the pseudonym “Tiana Dalichov” for a white supremacist podcast she calls Unapologetic. Dayanna Volitich also posted racist and anti-Semitic rhetoric routinely on her Twitter account, boasting that she was introducing her views into her middle school classroom.

Dayanna Volitich Admits To Hosting The White Supremacist Podcast But Says It’s Satire

Through her lawyer, Dayanna Volitich says that her podcast is just a hobby and it’s simply “political satire and exaggeration.”

Dayanna Volitich is now acknowledging that that white supremacist podcast Unapologetic is hers, even though she admits she had previously denied those views to her principal after parents complained that she was preaching a white nationalist point of view in her classroom. On one installment of her podcast, she had a guest on who explained that more white supremacists needed to get into the classroom and teach children.

“They don’t have to be vocal about their views, but get in there! Be more covert and just start taking over those places.”

Dayanna Volitich responded that this is her plan.

“Right. I’m absolutely one of them.”

After the press started asking questions of the Citrus County School Board, Dayanna Volitich scrubbed her Twitter account and website, but not before screenshots were taken, and downloads were completed.

Dayanna Volitich Has Been Removed From Her Classroom At Crystal River Middle School

CNN says that, through her lawyer, Dayanna Volitich denied any extreme views and said it’s satire and self-expression.

“None of the statements released about my being a white nationalist or white supremacist have any truth to them, nor are my political beliefs injected into my teaching of social studies curriculum.”

Now that the news has broken about Dayanna Volitich and her alter ego, Volitich has been removed from the classroom at Crystal River Middle School in Crystal River, Florida. The Citrus County School Board is now investigating Dayanna Volitich and whether or not she was sharing her white supremacist views with her classes.

The Citrus County School Board released a statement about Dayanna Volitich.

“The Human Resources department was notified and an investigation was initiated immediately. The teacher [Dayanna Volitich] has been removed from the classroom and the investigation is ongoing.”

Assistant Superintendent Michael Mullen stresses that Dayanna Volitich “does not have contact with students while the investigation is being conducted.”


Students Of Dayanna Volitich Have Now Heard Her Podcast And Are Saddened

Students of Dayanna Volitich at Crystal River Middle School said that the things their teacher was saying in the class were getting strange. Trevon Smith said the language Dayanna Volitich was using was racist.

“She has been having some crazy thoughts lately. It bothers me a lot. Like, [she’s] a racist and look at my skin color. I’m black.”

Dayanna Volitich stressed in her podcast that some races innately have higher IQs than other, using the example of people from Sweden and Nigeria. She also posted pictures of people in the KKK with the caption: “It isn’t supremacist or hateful to prefer your own people over others.”

Other students commented to WFLA after listening to the podcast. Student Jeremiah Hernandez said that it validated what he had heard about Dayanna Volitich.

“People already told me like, she, they didn’t like ’em or stuff like that. And how she was giving more love to other skin colors as us.”

Trevon Smith said he was hoping it wasn’t true.

“I knew something but like, I thought it wasn’t true but I know it’s true now because I heard the things she’s been saying on social media.”