Tom Cruise’s ‘Jack Reacher’: Sequel Unlikely

The Tom Cruise actioner, Jack Reacher, is unlikely to spawn a sequel.

Although the film has grossed just over $153 million worldwide — $72,628,585 domestic and $80,400,000 overseas — Reacher needs to gross $250 million for Paramount to consider a second chapter.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the film’s domestic box office is unlikely to exceed $85 million, which means it has to generate at least $165 million internationally to reach that total.

Now, the next key territories will be Japan, China, and Korea.

Solid but unexceptional box office over the Christmas period rocked Paramount’s tent-pole hopes for the film, but the studio is hoping Cruise’s greater star-power in Asia will drive up the film’s box office, said Digital Spy.

But even if Reacher does pull in $250 million, Paramount will still have to negotiate a new deal with Cruise if a sequel is greenlit, which will eat into profits, sources told THR.

The film is set to open in Korea later this week. Cruise recently attended a Japanese premiere for Reacher ahead of its February 1 opening.

When the film opens in China later on February 16, it will go up against two Chinese movies that open on February 14 during Chinese New Year celebrations.

Cruise’s star status has dimmed in the US recently and probably wasn’t helped by his shock divorce from Katie Holmes. However, Ghost Protocol grossed $209.4 million domestically and another $485.3 million internationally, bringing its total box office to $694.7 million — proving Cruise can still deliver.

Box office analysts say Reacher performed less well compared to other big Christmas releases like Django Unchained and Les Miserables, THR notes.

Based on Lee Child’s popular book series and directed by Christopher McQuarrie, Reacher also stars Rosamund Pike, Richard Jenkins, Werner Herzog, and Jai Courtney.