Sarah Huckabee Sanders An ‘Unattractive Fat Slob,’ Said Sam Nunberg – Told CNN He Wasn’t Drunk But On ‘Meds’

Mark WilsonGetty Images

Sarah Huckabee Sanders became the latest target in what is being termed as the public meltdown of Sam Nunberg, a former campaign aide to President Donald Trump. A series of CNN interviews, which can be seen in attached videos, featured a defiant Nunberg claiming that he will not comply with a grand jury subpoena to summon him to reveal what he knows about the Russia investigation. Nunberg pointed the finger at President Trump, blaming the firing of James Comey as FBI director as the reason for the existence of the investigation.

Nunberg then turned his vitriol to Sarah Huckabee Sanders, as reported by Newsweek, when Sam Nunberg referred to the White House Press Secretary as an “unattractive fat slob” when Sam spoke with Spectrum News NY1 on Monday, March 5. The video featured an audio recording of Nunberg calling Sarah those words after Sanders spoke about Nunberg during a recent White House press conference.

As seen in the following interview with CNN’s Erin Burnett – who flat out said she smelled alcohol on Sam’s breath and asked if Nunberg had been drinking – Sam explained that he had not been drinking, but had taken “meds” for depression issues. Nunberg next asked Erin if that was okay.

Nunberg used the “fat slob” insult, according to the Daily Beast, after special counsel Robert Mueller summoned Nunberg to spill the beans about what he knows to a grand jury about his time spent with the Trump camp. Sam was fired twice by Trump. The first time after Nunberg published a scathing Buzz Feed report about his time spent on the trail with Trump’s camp. Sanders hit back against Nunberg’s claims that Trump may have engaged in misconduct during the election.

Nunberg had previously called both CNN and MSNBC prior to Sam making the comments about Sarah being a “joke” and an “unattractive fat slob” to the New York City-based NY1 outlet.


Nunberg then appeared on the set of CNN, as seen in the above video, to follow up on the interview wherein he bashed Sanders.

Sam denied that he knew anything about the inner workings of certain aspects of Trump’s campaign, while at the same time hit out at President Trump’s approval rating, which Sam claimed had sunk to 30 percent.