‘Home Improvement’ Revival: Tim Allen Says He’s ‘Very Interested’ Bringing The Series Back

Duane BurlesonAP Images

Is a Home Improvement revival on the way? Actor Tim Allen recently revealed his thoughts on getting the stars of his beloved former sitcom back together to do brand new episodes, and fans are already freaking out over the possibility of the show coming back.

According to a March 5 report by Entertainment Tonight, Tim Allen revealed that he would love to get the old gang back together for a Home Improvement revival. The show starred Allen as Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor, a know-it-all handyman who was accident prone and starred on his own show in Michigan. The series followed Tim and his family – wife Jill and sons Zack, Randy, and Mark.

Home Improvement ran for eight seasons on ABC and said its goodbye in 1999. Now, with the buzz surrounding the return of another ABC hit comedy, Roseanne, Tim Allen has been asked if he would consider reviving Tim Taylor. The actor confirmed that the idea has been “floated,” but that he’s not sure if the entire cast would want to return for a revival series. As many fans may remember, there was some tension among the cast in the past when breakout star of the show, Jonathon Taylor Thomas, wanted to leave the popular series. However, the former teen heartthrob and Tim Allen have since mended fences and JTT even had a small role on Allen’s recently canceled show Last Man Standing.


Allen revealed that he believes it “would be cool” to revive the show and see what the Taylor family is doing years later, much like Roseanne is doing with its revival premiere later this month. “I’d be very interested in that idea,” the actor admitted. However, there is one cast member that would be absent from a possible Home Improvement revival. Actor Earl Hindman, who played the Taylors’ neighbor Wilson, sadly passed away since the show ended. As for the rest of the cast members such as Patricia Richardson, Zachery Ty Bryan, Jonathon Taylor Thomas, Taran Noah Smith, and Richard Karn jumping on board, it looks like only time will tell if anything could come of the revival buzz.

Home Improvement is currently streaming on Hulu.