Prince William And Kate Middleton Will Name Their New Baby One Of These 5 Names, The Latest From UK Bookmakers

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We are only a month away from another royal birth. Prince William and Kate Middleton are keeping their top names choices for baby number three tightly under wraps, but UK bookmakers believe they know what the couple will name their newest addition.

According to The Sun, top oddsmakers in the UK have singled out five names that William and Middleton are most likely to pick come April. The top three girl names are Mary (3 to 1 odds), Alice (8 to 1 odds), and Victoria (10 to 1 odds), while the two boy names are Arthur (8 to 1 odds) and Henry (10 to 1 odds).

Based on the latest numbers, bookmakers believe that the couple will more than likely have a girl, with Mary and Alice being the two frontrunners.

William and Middleton currently share two children: Prince George and Princess Charlotte. Insiders believe the two are trending towards naming their third baby a traditional name that has ties to the royal family.

This is why Mary and Alice are popular choices, though the two have not said anything about the rumors. Until more information is revealed, we may have to wait until after the actual birth to find out.

In the meantime, some exciting news just leaked about Middleton’s due date. Kensington Palace confirmed Middleton’s pregnancy in early September. The couple later clarified that the baby is expected to arrive in April, though an exact due date was not revealed.

According to Hello!, experts now believe that Middleton’s due date should be around April 23, which just so happens to coincide with a patriotic day, St. George’s Day.

Middleton and William have decided to wait until the birth to find out the gender of the child. The Duchess of Cambridge is expected to have the baby in a private wing of London’s St. Mary’s Hospital. She did the same thing when giving birth to George and Charlotte.

If the experts are wrong and the baby arrives late, then the child could be welcomed on the couple’s seventh wedding anniversary, which is April 29. This would certainly be a nice touch for the couple, who couldn’t be happier about their new baby.

While the odds are in favor of a girl, Middleton has been throwing everyone off track in recent weeks. Middleton has appeared several times in public wearing nothing but blue, leading fans to speculate that she’s expecting a boy and knows it.

“Punters have been convinced that Kate is expecting another girl, but her head-to-toe outfits could start to change public opinion, and the odds, very quickly,” an expert with Ladbrokes shared.

If Middleton and William have a baby boy, then fans can expect them to name him either Arthur or Henry, though that could also change as we get closer to the actual due date.

Kensington Palace has not released any further details concerning Kate Middleton and Prince William’s third child. The royal family will likely make an announcement shortly after the birth.