March 7, 2018
Boy Shot Four-Year-Old Sister Multiple Times, Mom Reportedly Cleaned Up And Went Back To Work An Hour Later

An Ohio woman allegedly went back to work after learning that her eight-year-old son had shot his four-year-old sister multiple times with a rifle. Alyssa Edwards had left both kids unattended while at work when she received a call from her son that he had shot his sister.

According to an arrest report made available to People, the family kept a small caliber rifle with other firearms in a safe and the eight-year-old boy purportedly knew how to open it. Authorities are claiming that the boy took the rifle from the safe, loaded it, and repeatedly shot his sister.

The boy allegedly called his 27-year-old mother, who excused herself from work to check on her daughter's injuries. However, prosecutors are saying that Edwards only dressed her daughter's wounds, disposed of a bloody bed cover before returning back to work.

Unbelievably, Alyssa Edwards left the two children unattended again.

The mother-of-two reportedly returned hours later and took the four-year-old girl to the hospital when she began bleeding from her wounds. A concerned doctor, suspecting child abuse contacted authorities who promptly arrested the 27-year-old woman.

Edwards has been charged with twin counts of child endangerment with bond set by the presiding judge at $30,000. A police officer speaking to CBS News revealed that they were still trying to unravel the circumstances that led to the incident.

Alyssa's husband speaking to police disclosed that his wife was meant to leave the kids with a babysitter before heading for work on a horse farm. Ashland County Prosecutor, Christopher Tunnell in an interview with Newser said that did not happen, leaving the boy to load the gun by himself and shoot his sister. Tunnell said the boy called his mother around 10 a.m. about the incident and that she clocked back at work around 11 a.m.

Ashland County Sheriff's Chief Deputy Carl Richert said the little girl was in stable condition and that none of her injuries were life-threatening. However, he did confirm that one of the bullets had hit the girl in the stomach area. Alyssa Edwards is expected to enter a plea deal. Donald Wick, a court-appointed attorney penciled to represent her refused to comment on the case.

The girl's brother is presently in the custody of children's services.