‘The Walking Dead’ Season 8 Star Pollyanna McIntosh Admits She Wants Jadis To Become Alpha Of The Whisperers

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People have been talking about the most recent episode of The Walking Dead Season 8 for several reasons. Although fans have been discussing the tense interaction between Negan and Rick Grimes, there was another scene that made “The Lost and the Plunderers” truly exciting. Some believe that the episode has offered a glimpse at Alpha, the leader of the Whisperers in the comic books. Interestingly, Pollyanna McIntosh has spoken up on the possibility that her broken character Jadis could soon turn into the most despicable villain in the AMC series.

The following features spoilers from The Walking Dead Season 8, Episode 10 so it is best to proceed cautiously.

In “The Lost and the Plunderers,” Michonne and Rick Grimes found that the Saviors have slaughtered the Scavengers and left only Jadis alive. Although Jadis asked to join them, Rick left her to fight off her own companions who have turned into walkers. However, Jadis still managed to survive and is last seen calmly eating in the junkyard. The scene immediately had fans wondering if Pollyanna McIntosh’s character is set to become somebody else in The Walking Dead Season 8.

The Jadis/Alpha theory is nothing new. Fans have initially thought Pollyanna McIntosh would portray the leader of the Whisperers when she was cast in The Walking Dead Season 7. The actress herself is open to the possibility, admitting that she would like to see the former head Scavenger become the comic book villain.

Simon and Jadis in 'The Walking Dead' Season 8
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Pollyanna McIntosh recently spoke to Entertainment Weekly, where she confessed that she is aware of the Jadis/Alpha theory in The Walking Dead Season 8 and is somehow hoping it would be true.

“I’d be honored for [Alpha] to be me.”

Although McIntosh is eager to take on a much meatier role in The Walking Dead Season 8, she also pointed out it would be exciting “to add another great woman to the cast of characters” instead of simply turning her character into a new one. Nevertheless, the actress did reveal that Scott M. Gimple had revealed Jadis’ future to her. Unfortunately, the showrunner stated that McIntosh’s character will not become Alpha anytime soon.

Find out what will happen to Pollyanna McIntosh’s Jadis in The Walking Dead Season 8, which airs on AMC every Sunday night.