Photo Shows Farmer Cracking A Giant Egg With Another Egg Inside

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A giant chicken egg revealed a surprise when it was cracked open – another egg. The large egg was laid at a family-owned farm in Queensland.

The owner of Stockman’s Eggs farm tells the Daily Mail Australia that the gigantic egg was discovered by an employee. The egg, which some reports dub the “babushka egg,” weighed 176 grams, which is roughly three times the weight of a regular-sized egg.

While the farmer was expecting to see several yolks, the giant egg was cracked and revealed another perfectly formed egg with the shell intact.

The enormous egg also had one yolk along with the perfectly formed egg within its shell. The owner of the farm, Scott Stockman, told the publication that the egg in question is incredibly rare.

The farm has thousands of hens; therefore, it will be impossible to discover which chicken is responsible for laying the unique egg.

According to an ABC News Australia, a professor explains that the chicken most likely produced an egg but never laid it. This is rare as a chicken will usually just drop an egg naturally after it is formed.

The professor goes on to explain how a giant egg with another egg inside can occur.

“Then the next day, rather than that egg being laid, like it usually is, what’s happened is that there’s been another ovum released,” Professor Freire tells ABC News Australia.

“That’s come down and then the chicken has somehow decided to make its shell around both the previous day’s egg and the new ovum that’s come down.”

The egg is likely safe to eat as are eggs that have double or triple yolks. The farmers at the Stockman farm didn’t bother eating the phenomenal egg as their chickens produce about 50,000 eggs per day.

While the occurrence is rare, it has happened before. The video, which you can watch below, shows a woman cracking a huge egg with another egg inside it.

The viral video has over 2 million views and the description states that the farmer is shocked that the egg didn’t kill his hen. In what can be described as an “egg-ception,” the video description states that they were not interested in eating the egg.

Another viral video above shows a giant egg with another egg within. However, this video gives some details about the hen, which is 7-months-old. The description states that the hen was not harmed by laying the gigantic egg.