Emma Watson Unveils New Tattoo And Social Media Quickly Jumps On What Is Wrong With It

Dia DipasupilGetty Images

The Oscars were all about glitz and glam but for some people, it was also about making a statement, especially in terms of the Time’s Up movement. At the Vanity Fair Oscar Party on March 4, Emma Watson revealed that she had some new ink on her arm. The ink, which appears to be a fresh tattoo but is apparently only a temporary addition, was a feminist statement of support for the current Time’s Up movement. However, while Watson may have been lending even more support to the movement that she has been vocal about since the beginning, this time her support came with a mistake.

According to Fox News, Emma Watson’s new tattoo, whether it is permanent or not, came with a very big grammatical error. While the name of the movement is Time’s Up, the ink on her arm is clearly missing the apostrophe in the “Time’s” portion of the word. Although Watson was trying to bring more attention and support to the Time’s Up movement, the attention that the actress received had a lot more to do with what was wrong with the tattoo, than the message behind it.

On social media, people were quick to call Emma Watson out for allowing the mistake to happen. Over on Twitter, there were plenty of users who pointed out that the actress had a bachelor’s degree from Brown University in English Literature. In one tweet, the person said that Watson should try and get a refund on her education, especially since she is supposed to have a degree in English Literature.

Another social media user pointed out that the tattoo was missing the apostrophe and they really thought that Emma Watson was better than that. In a tweet that was rather exaggerated and even humorous, one Twitter user said, “Oh Emma. The apostrophe love, the APOSTROPHE!!”

While many of the tweets and comments seemed to be directed at Emma Watson because she did not seem to catch the mistake, there were other people who pointed out that it was the “tattoo artist” that was really at fault. One Twitter user said, “Well however bad your day’s been.. you could always be Emma Watson(‘)s tattoo artist.”

Even as people commented on the error in the tattoo, Emma Watson herself tweeted her own reaction to the whole debacle, adding a bit of wit to the situation. In her own tweet responding to people pointing out that there was a glaring omission in her Time’s Up tattoo, Watson said, “fake tattoo proofreading position available. Experience with apostrophes a must.”