‘Deadliest Catch’ Returns: Season 14 Starting Date, The Cast–Including Return Of Cornelia Marie, Sneak Peek

Discovery Channel

The Deadliest Catch Season 14 is back and returning to Discovery on April 10. Discovery promises that this season will be the “roughest, toughest and most competitive crab season ever.”

Monsters and Critics reports that the preview is ominous as it warns that “injuries and Coast Guard rescues stacking up at alarming rates.” What should we expect on the upcoming episodes of the Deadliest Catch?

Josh Harris And The F/V Cornelia Marie Are Back!

Deadliest Catch Season 13 was the only season without a member of the Harris family. Fans will be thrilled to learn that Captain Josh Harris and Captain Casey McManus will take turns at the helm.

According to the Inquisitr, Captain Phil‘s oldest son had a lot of personal issues last year, which is why he took a break from the show. Captain Phil’s father, Captain Grant Harris had taken ill and later passed on.

Then, Josh’s younger brother, Jake, was beat up by some scammers, and the younger Harris wound up on the front page news, as well, with a cracked skull and being cared for in ICU.

It wasn’t terribly practical for the film crew, as Josh needed to go back and forth from the hospital and then to the Bering Sea to fish.

This season, Josh has a poignant mission. According to Yahoo, during Opie season, the F/V Cornelia Marie will visit the same spot that he had spread Captain Phil’s ashes, nearly a decade ago, and Josh will scatter his grandpa’s ashes this season. Josh explains that it was his grandpa’s wish.

“He wanted to be buried with my dad [Capt. Phil Harris], who’s buried out here.”

There is no news on whether Jake Harris will join Josh for the scattering of their grandpa’s ashes.

Danger On The F/V Wizard?

“It’s game time on the Bering Sea,” announces Captain Keith Colburn.

As usual, Captain Keith Colburn is stressing over money. This season, the “famously lucrative Bairdi fishery” is open again, surely Keith has a smile for the potential profits this promises?

The clip reveals that Keith has a million dollar quota, but as the preview continues, it appears that there are some serious challenges for the captain.

According to Yahoo, the preview is quite ominous. First, Keith asks about a fuel leak, then later, Keith asks about survival suits.

Mike Rowe narrates, “as the season wears on, a problem develops that could put Keith’s season — and life — in jeopardy.”

Sig Wants To Be Top Captain

Captain Sig Hansen wants to prove to everyone that he still has it and he is not letting his nearly fatal heart attack from two seasons ago stall him in any which way.

“To get something you never had, you’ve got to do something you’ve never done.”

Sig appears focused to show everyone else he is the leader, and he is not letting the young gun captains intimidate him!

“Every captain wants to be the best–especially the young guys coming up.”

Sig Hansen Vs Jake Anderson

Captain Jake Anderson is back with the F/V Saga, after the off season cost the boat some six-figure repairs. In the preview clip, he wants more than Sig’s words of wisdom. Jake needs to pick Captain Sig’s brain. But a surly Sig won’t have any of that!

Sitting next to Sig, Jake announces to the F/V Northwestern captain, “I deserve a seat at the table.”

Sig doesn’t appear to want any of that, as he firmly tells Jake, “You’ve gotta man up and do your own thing.”

Jake doesn’t appear to back down as fires back, “You have access to information.”

Clearly furious, Sig explodes with language that is surely keeping the censors busy. This cannot be good for his heart, but we will have to see what else transpires between Jake and Sig!

Later, Sig appears to say to just the cameraman that the dream is not necessarily easy.

“No one said the American dream is easy.”

Man Overboard!

What is a season of the Deadliest Catch without some Wild Bill drama? Although there does not seem to be any addiction issues, nor any fights between Wild Bill and his son Zach, the Captain has plenty to stress him out.

The F/V Summer Bay lost a chunk of “crab quota” to the F/V Brenna A. Then, Captain Wild Bill Wichrowski gets the “worst engine failures he’s ever experienced.”

But none of this compares to one of his deckhands going overboard, during a “fierce storm.”

Captain Sean Dwyer Experiences Some Challenges

The F/V Brenna A Captain Sean Dwyer got a bigger crab quota, with the potential to “double” his income, until a “massive wave” causes an astounding $30,000 worth of damage, taking a dent in his planned profit.

F/V Destination Tribute

The Deadliest Catch crews will, according to Monsters and Critics, begin the crab season with a memorial to the lost crew of the Destination.

According to Captain Keith, who spoke to KIRO7, the boat, and all its crew “literally vanished” on February 11, 2017. Despite an investigation, there is no specific reason the boat was lost, except that something “very sudden,” and “very catastrophic” occurred.

Ever the sage, Sig Hansen reminds Deadliest Catch fans, and perhaps even himself, that Bering Sea crab fishing is the most dangerous job in the world.

“Not everyone makes it home.”