‘The Bachelor’ 2018: Becca Kufrin Opens Up After Heartbreak In New Blog

Bryan SteffyGetty Images

Tonight on The Bachelor 2018, fans saw Arie Luyendyk, Jr. break the heart of Becca Kurfin. He told her that he made a mistake by proposing to her because he still has feelings for Lauren B. People shared that Becca wrote a blog all about her thoughts on what happened.

In this post, Becca opened up and fans were shocked that she didn’t have a lot of negative things to say about Arie Luyendyk, Jr. She called Arie a “good person” and said he wasn’t a “monster.” She doesn’t feel like Arie did this to hurt her, but instead, didn’t think about what would happen after he broke up with her and went back to Lauren. Becca also shared that on the morning of the engagement, she had no doubt that it was going to be her.

Things were great for the couple right after the engagement, but when they got back to the United States, things went downhill. Arie Luyendyk, Jr. admitted tonight on the show that he still had feelings for Lauren and was struggling with it.

“I never thought for a million years that once the going started to get tough that he would throw in the towel and jump ship and say, ‘Oh sorry, I changed my mind.’ I didn’t think we were at that point whatsoever,” she said.

Tonight, fans saw that Arie is going to meet up with Lauren and tell her that he still has feelings for her. This will air tomorrow night, and you can assume that the cameras will be there considering that he had them there for his break up.

Becca did share one thing that fans didn’t know. The night before the big meeting where he broke up with her, Arie turned off his phone, and, of course, she thought that was odd. She had also noticed him liking things that Lauren posted on Instagram here and there, so it was obvious that he was watching her. Becca was embarrassed about the way that he broke up with her on television, though. Arie had told her that he still had feelings for Lauren, so that wasn’t a shock to her. She went on to explain her thoughts.

“I wish he hadn’t proposed. At that point I loved him and I wanted to be with him. Even if on that last day, he said, ‘I’m still uncertain, this is a big move, I don’t want to get down on one knee unless I’m 1000 percent sure, but I still want to be with you,’ I would have been fine with that. I would have been like, ‘I love you, I still want to be with you.’ I even asked him a couple times if he felt like he was certain like that was the right move at that point and every time he said, ‘I’m happy with the decision and I feel confident in us,’ From what he was telling me and from even that grand gesture, I thought nobody would do that unless they did feel 100 percent confident.”

She also isn’t mad at Lauren, and says that Arie is the only one to “fault” in this situation. She is moving on and does forgive him. Tomorrow night may be hard for her if she ends up having to talk to him face-to-face, because tonight she mentioned that they haven’t talked since the day they split.


Tomorrow night, fans will get to see the rest of what happened. Arie, Lauren, and Becca will all be there for the two-hour live show, which airs on ABC.