Sam Nunberg Is 'Crazy', Mike Cernovich Claims In A Periscope Broadcast

Former Trump aide Sam Nunberg is in the process of breaking the Internet after telling various media outlets that he is ignoring a subpoena from Special Counsel Robert Mueller to testify on Friday before a grand jury, or hand over an array of documents, in the Russia collusion probe. He dared Mueller to arrest him for contempt of court.

Nunberg, who was fired in 2015 for alleged racist Facebook posts, is all over the map with his comments, often highly critical of President Donald Trump and his campaign. He told CNN and the Washington Post that he thinks Mueller has something on the president, but has also expressed agreement with Trump that the Mueller investigation is a witch hunt. He also implied that Trump may have done something illegal, but maybe not.

The news media is very invested in the Russia narrative, and some observers suggested that Nunberg was experiencing some kind of meltdown amidst all the air time affored him on the cable channels, which Mediaite described as "six unhinged interviews." During a televised sit-down, moreover, CNN's Erin Burnett told Nunberg (see clip below) that she smelled alcohol on his breath. Nunberg admitted to taking anti-depressants, but not liquor.

On a Periscope broadcast today, controversial author, journalist, and filmmaker Mike Cernovich suggested that Sam Nunberg is an agent of strategic chaos by vowing not to cooperate with Mueller.

The pro-Trump Cernovich, who is also an attorney, maintains that the Russia investigation is, at its heart, unconstitutional and unlawful, and that's why he approves of Nunberg's non-compliance.

"99 percent of the people will say that Nunberg is crazy, he's making the wrong decision, just like they said Trump was going to win three percent [of the vote in the GOP primary]…you do not legitimize an illegitimate situation…If people are treating you in an illegitimate way, you don't put on your suit and tie and walk to court and be prim and proper...Crazy is dignifying people who deserve no dignity. What Nunberg is doing today is the most sane thing anybody else has done."
In apparently alluding to the legal status of General Michael Flynn, Cernovich added that "I think pleading guilty to a felony when you were framed—I think that's crazy."
Cernovich previously suggested that Gen. Flynn, briefly President Donald Trump's national security adviser, was framed by anti-Trump elements of the FBI. In late January, the Flynn sentencing hearing was postponed unexpectedly and apparently has yet to be rescheduled. Some Flynn supporters have suggested that he withdraw the plea in light of the information in the Devin Nunes FISA abuse memo.
According to the Daily Beast, Sam Nunberg has also said that he may nonetheless cooperate with the Mueller team and hopes that the scope of the subpoena can be narrowed. If that occurs, it would render this entire controversy moot.

Watch Mike Cernovich discuss Sam Nunberg in the clip below and draw your own conclusions.