Man Allegedly Raped Daughter For 15 Years, Fathered Two Children, And Supposedly His Wife Knew All About It


A Cincinnati man purportedly raped his daughter for 15 years, fathered two children, and his wife allegedly knew all about it. The man, Jammey Willenbrink, was slammed with 23 counts of rape and 18 counts of sexual battery, according to Hamilton County Court records.

Newsweek is reporting that the dad allegedly started molesting his daughter when she was 10, but began raping her when she turned 13. The victim told police that 53-year-old Willenbrink raped her at least two times every month until she turned 25 and left the house.

According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, police learned about the purported abuse after launching an investigation into the welfare of her two kids, aged 7 and 2. An investigation into the well-being of the children had uncovered the web of incest. When genetic testing was carried out, Willenbrink was confirmed as the father of the children.

Investigators say the lengthy sexual assaults took place at two residences in Riverside and Whitewater Township, both in Ohio. Willenbrink has since been arrested while his wife was picked up March 2 after being charged with felony complicity for failing to report the atrocity to authorities.

In the same vein, Argentine father, Domingo Bulacio raped his daughter for 22 years and had eight children with her. He was charged with incest as well as sexual abuse and sentenced to 12 years and eight months in prison. During the trial, Bulacio refused to talk, which went against the advice of his attorney. He showed little remorse over raping his daughter for more than two decades. His relatives blamed his daughter for his arrest and have reportedly attacked her and the children, Metro is reporting.


In another distasteful case, the mother of a 15-year-old knew that her daughter was being raped and had been impregnated by her boyfriend at least three times and did nothing. A source speaking to News Channel 3 revealed that the 36-year-old only admitted prior knowledge that her 44-year-old boyfriend was a registered sex offender.

In India, a 62-year-old man was arrested after his five daughters leveled a fusillade of sexual assaults and rape allegations against him. The retired state government employee raped his daughters for years and when they got married threatened to assault his granddaughters if they ever spoke. His wife condoned the attacks when the daughters confided in her, telling them it was a “family tradition,” reported Gulf News.