’21 & Over’ Releases New Trailer

Are you looking for the younger answer to The Hangover? Well, you’re getting it pretty soon with the film 21 & Over. So far the film is said to be the new coming of age comedy for teens and college students. In addition, it should be noted that it’s from the writers of The Hangover, so it looks pretty promising as a comedy.

The film, which stars Skylar Astin (Pitch Perfect), Miles Teller, and Justin Chon, follows the trio getting into an unexpected good time when two best friends Casey and Miller surprise fellow college student with a 21st birthday party. However, there’s a catch. The uptight student has a medical school interview the morning after, and the night, of course, turns into a huge blunder for this outrageous comedy.

One of the film’s break out stars spoke with movieweb about the 21 & Over saying:

“We make a deal, ‘Okay, man, we’ll take you out for one drink.’ One drink turns into the most epic, crazy, mayhem filled night. Its written by the writers of The Hangover, so you can only imagine what ensues. What I love about the movie is that it stays grounded in its nature. The performances are solid. We played the situations out as if, ‘What would happen if three guys who were twenty-one were reacting to this crazy situation?’ That’s what The Hangover does so well.”

Now we have the brand new trailer of 21 & Over, which looks pretty hysterical and a bit like Beer Fest. Check it out below:

Will you be seeing 21 & Over?