Missouri Men Who Tortured And Killed A Kitten On Facebook Live For Pizza Money Get Prison Time

Two Missouri men who tortured and killed a kitten, and broadcast the act live on Facebook in a bid to get some pizza money, will both have several years to contemplate whether their actions were worth it. As the Kansas City Star reports, both men have been sentenced to lengthy prison sentences.

Back in June 2017, Kyle Williams, then 18, of Branson, and Jordan Hall, 19, of Arnold, were hanging out in Branson when they decided they could use some money for pizza. The men then came up with a plan: they would torture and kill a kitten and share video of the crime live on Facebook to a “secret group,” as the Springfield News-Leader described it, in the hopes that viewers would chip in some money.

The video, posted by Williams, shows the kitten being dragged behind a Jeep that Hall was driving. Laughs could be heard as the helpless animal was dragged behind the vehicle. After dragging the animal for a period of time, the Jeep stops. Williams then smiled for the camera, posing next to the still-breathing kitten, before smashing its head with a rock and killing it. One eye could be seen popping out of its head, while a noose could be seen around its neck.

Whether the stunt resulted in the men getting their pizza money is not known. What is known, however, is that it got them the attention of law enforcement. Members of the secret group, “Cellulites: Salvation,” worked to identify the two men. Hundreds of tips poured into Taney County authorities.

Eventually, it was learned that the group often traffics in “sort of offensive humor within certain morals,” according to a user. However, that user made it clear that animal cruelty (and child pornography) are off-limits in the group.

The men were eventually arrested, charged, and tried and sentenced on animal cruelty charges. Hall was sentenced to four years in prison on state animal abuse charges. Williams, according to Fox News, will serve two felony sentences concurrently; one four-year sentence for animal cruelty, to be served concurrently with a three-year sentence for armed criminal action in the Missouri Department of Corrections. That second charge comes from Williams having sharpened a plastic kitchen utensil into a prison “shank” while behind bars.