Josiah Duggar Announces Engagement To Lauren Swanson

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Josiah Duggar announced that he and Lauren Swanson, his girlfriend, are engaged to be married. The reality TV star, known for being part of a family of 19 children, announced the news to Us Weekly today. He revealed that he proposed to his wife-to-be on the exact same spot where her parents got engaged, which makes it extra-special.

The pair announced they were courting on January 23 of this year after visiting Australia and New Zealand together with Josiah’s family. This means that the pair were “officially” together for a little over a month before he popped the question. Most Duggar family courtships last approximately three months before the couple gets engaged, which makes Josiah and Lauren’s dating process very quick, even for Duggar standards.

Thus far, this is the first engagement to take place in 2018 for the Duggar children. There are rumors that other children may also be looking to court someone in the future, but there have been no official announcements.

Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson have not revealed the date of their wedding. However, for the past several weddings, the family has advertised a certain day as a decoy and then held their wedding earlier than expected. This is possibly to throw off mega-fans who already know where the family hosts their weddings.

Josiah Duggar is the only Duggar child thus far to have had a public failed courtship. The reality star began dating family friend Marjorie Jackson, but the pair eventually called off their romance. It is unclear why this occurred, but Marjorie has gone on to write books about Christianity and currently runs a Christian blog. She touts herself as an author, artist, and speaker on her website.

Lauren Swanson is only 18-years-old, though this is relatively normal for the Duggar family. Kendra Caldwell, who recently married Joe Duggar, was also only 18 when she tied the knot the Duggar son.

Lauren told Us Weekly that she is really looking forward to spending the rest of her life with Josiah.

All of the Duggar children who have gotten married, save Jinger Duggar Vuolo, have announced a pregnancy within three months of walking down the aisle. As such, Duggar fans already expect that there will be a baby announcement before 2018 is out.