‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Wyatt And Katie Announce Engagement At Hospital Over Bleeding Bill

Pascal Le SegretainGetty Images

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers promise that time is almost up for Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) as he’s shot this week and lands in the hospital. The attempted murder mystery kicks off on Wednesday and heats up the week of March 12 as the cops assemble a list of suspects. But first, Katie Logan (Heather Tom) and Wyatt Spencer (Darin Brooks) prepare to make Bill eat his words when they announce their engagement in the unlikeliest of places – at his bedside in the hospital!

Dollar Bill And Don Diamont Hospitalized

It’s a case of life imitating art because Dollar Bill portrayer Don Diamont found himself also getting shot in the hospital this week. Check out his Instagram video below to see what happened to the actor. Diamont was in Italy for Ballando con le Stelle, their version of Dancing with the Stars, but is back in LA to film more B&B scenes and to get treatment for a back injury.

The video shows Diamont getting a shot in his lower back that might be an epidural for pain judging by the procedure he filmed. We’ll also see Diamont’s on-screen alter ego in a hospital bed by Thursday, March 8 after Katie goes to confront him at home and finds him shot after Bill gets an “unexpected and unwelcome” visitor on Wednesday, according to Bold and the Beautiful spoilers from She Knows Soaps.

Wyatt Angry And Drunk, Top Suspect In Shooting

On Tuesday, March 6, Bill follows through with his threat to take custody of Will from Katie. B&B spoilers from Soap Central reveal that Katie is shocked when she gets served with custody papers and Wyatt is tormented by guilt when he learns what happened. Wyatt comes home, and when Katie isn’t there, he assumes the worst. He believes that Katie caved to Bill’s blackmail and will dump him to keep her son.

That sends him into a spiral and Wyatt starts boozing. The next day, he wakes hungover next to a mostly empty bottle and sees a chain of texts from Katie. She tried to contact Wyatt after she found Bill shot but he never picked up his phone. Wyatt begins to suspect he might be the shooter because he was so furious with his dad for messing with Katie. Wyatt will also be on the cops’ radar as a top suspect since he’s got no alibi, lots of motive, and was blackout drunk.


Katie And Wyatt Forgive Bill, Announce Engagement

After the shooting, Bill is angry and scared. A leaked Bold and the Beautiful spoilers video from behind the scenes reveals that Bill will name Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) as the shooter. Ridge isn’t the trigger man, but Bill could be lying to cover for someone else, or he might not have seen the shooter but assumed it was Ridge. After all, Ridge and Bill brawled right before he was shot, so it’s logical that the dressmaker might have done it to stop Bill from pursuing his daughter.

Despite Wyatt’s worries he might have shot his dad, he and Katie rush to be by Bill’s side at the hospital. The rest of the families gather, too, even though most of LA hates Dollar Bill right now for his recent awful antics. While everyone is assembled, Katie and Wyatt share their engagement news, and many are shocked since they didn’t even know the duo was dating. Given Bill’s recent words, when and where Katie and Wyatt announce their intentions, is ironic.

Bill Said Watie Would Marry Over His Dead Body

Last week on Bold and the Beautiful, spoilers and recaps remind that Bill angrily stated that Watie could get married “over his dead body.” Although Bill isn’t dead yet and is just wounded, it’s clever that they announce their intent to marry over Bill’s wounded body. The gathered families will be more shocked about former stepson and stepmother marrying than Bill’s shooting. The list of suspects that could have drilled Bill with lead is longer than the list of Brooke’s husbands.

B&B spoilers say that Wyatt and Katie will forgive Bill if he will back off on the custody suit and give them his blessing. They’re worried by his shooting and know if he doesn’t straighten up, he might face karmic justice if the would-be killer comes back to finish what they started. Does Bill have a change of heart after taking a bullet? Will Wyatt and Katie’s wedding be interrupted by his arrest for the shooting? Or will Quinn’s scheme to reunite him with Hope put an end to Wyatt’s engagement?

Catch up on the B&B spoilers for the week of March 5, find out why Bill’s death scare leads him to a shocking confession about Steffy’s baby, and how Liam might be a double daddy when he gets closer to Hope. Watch CBS weekdays for new episodes and check back here often for the latest The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers and news.