March 7, 2018
16-Year-Old Teen Raped By Man Thrice Her Age, Mom Organized The Whole Thing

Peta Butler was 16-years-old when she was forced to have sex with a man by her mother. According to the Daily Mail, the teenager thought she was going on a fun trip with her mother. However, her mother gave her four vodka cruisers and a bourbon mix before leaving her in a hotel room to be raped by a man three times her age.

The harrowing ordeal took place in 2006 in Toowoomba, east of Brisbane, Australia. But Peta only brought it to the fore two years ago. She admitted that she was only strong enough to talk about it publicly now after her mother, Therese Butler, was found guilty of the atrocity. The depraved mother was sentenced to four years in prison and given a 12-month suspended sentence. Prosecutors argued that she had already spent 108 days behind bars.

The 47-year-old pleaded guilty to procuring a child for sex and is due to be released in October.

Peta, who is now a 27-year-old mother, revealed that it took her over a decade to muster the courage to talk about it with anyone. She added that she suffered severe depression and dropped out of school less than a week after the rape occurred. Peta relived the terrible experience on Tracy Grimshaw's A Current Affair on Monday night still baffled that a mother she trusted could offer her to a man, go outside, and smoke cigarettes while she was sexually violated.

A brave Peta Butler decided to go public with her story in a bid to catch her rapist, a man described as Therese's internet boyfriend and simply known as "Thommo." Therese had offered her daughter as a "younger version of herself," to her boyfriend while she kept watch outside the hotel room. Therese was only meeting him for the second time.

After the rape, Therese had hugged her daughter and told her everything was going to be fine. Unbelievably, all three still shared the same room that night before mother and daughter traveled back the following morning.Therese Butler confessed to her crime in a 30-minute telephone call with her daughter that was monitored by police. Bizarrely, the vile mother tried to make excuses for the rape, saying her daughter was old enough to have sex.

"But you were 16. I wouldn't let him touch you under 16, no way."

Therese is behind bars, but her mysterious boyfriend who prodded her for two years to sexually assault her daughter has never been caught. The Brisbane Times is reporting that a computer-generated image of the rapist based on Peta's description is in circulation.

A statement by the Queensland Police described him as a man in his mid-to-late 40s at the time, 175 centimeters in height with a shaved head, stubble, and piercing blue eyes. In a remorseless courtroom outburst, Therese told her current boyfriend to "take out" Peta and her family as she was being led away.