‘House Of Cards’ Season 6 Trailer Debuts During Oscars: Kevin Spacey Missing From Netflix’s Trailer

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House of Cards gave fans the first look at Season 6 on March 4, with a trailer that aired midway through the Oscars. As expected, amidst alleged sexual harassment allegations, the show’s former lead star, Kevin Spacey, was not shown in the released teaser.

The released teaser of the sixth and the final season comes out with a major spoiler.

Claire Underwood (played by Robin Wright), the wife of Frank Underwood (played by Kevin Spacey), is shown sitting behind the president’s desk inside the Oval Office. As the camera advances toward her character, she turns around and says, “We’re just getting started.”

The final episode of House of Cards Season 5 gave viewers a glimpse of Claire’s would-be power in the next season. During the finale, as a sitting president, Claire was supposed to pardon her husband, Frank, and their White House Chief of Staff, Douglas Stamper (played by Michael Kelly).

During Claire’s first televised address as the new president, she informs the world that they have managed to kill Ahmadhi and that the United States is going to war with ICO. However, she did not mention her husband or Doug.

In the end, Frank calls Claire, but she rejects it, and stares toward the camera — just the way Frank does in almost every episode — and coldly declares, “My turn.”

The released teaser trailer of House of Cards Season 6 shows a busy White House and Claire sitting behind the president’s desk.

Following Kevin Spacey’s departure from House of Cards, the sixth season of Netflix’s hit political drama will arrive this autumn, and Robin Wright will serve as the sole lead in the eight episodes.

House of Cards Without Kevin Spacey

Academy Award-winning actor Kevin Spacey was fired from Netflix’s House of Cards after eight employees reportedly accused him of sexual misconduct.

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House of Cards’ viewers were first afraid that, without Kevin Spacey, Netflix would not produce any more episodes, but thankfully the digital giant found a way to move on without Spacey in the lead, by allowing Robin Wright to take over the lead.

The sixth and the final season of House of Cards will feature Golden Globe winner and Emmy Award nominee Robin Wright, Michael Kelly, Diane Lane, Jayne Atkinson, Patricia Clarkson, Cody Fern, Greg Kinnear, Derek Cecil, Constance Zimmer, Campbell Scott, and Boris McGiver.