‘Bachelor’ Pair Jason And Molly Mesnick Celebrate 8th Anniversary Ahead of ‘ATFR’ Appearance On Arie’s Finale

Ethan MillerGetty Images

Jason Mesnick’s season of The Bachelor aired nearly a decade ago, but current spoilers related to Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s season have brought Mesnick’s Season 13 back to the forefront. Reports detail that Jason and his wife Molly Mesnick will be appearing on Tuesday night’s After the Final Rose special and fans will be anxious to hear how things are going for the two now.

As viewers will remember, Jason Mesnick’s Bachelor finale was a shocker because he ended up dumping final rose recipient Melissa Rycroft so he could pursue runner-up Molly Malaney. Jason took a lot of heat after that shake-up aired, but he did successfully reunite with Molly. The two dated long-distance for about 10 months and the two Bachelor stars got married in front of ABC cameras on February 27, 2010.

The Mesnicks just celebrated their eighth wedding anniversary and they live in the Seattle, Washington area. They have a daughter named Riley and Jason’s son Ty from a previous relationship is in the mix of things as well.

E! News notes that Jason works in real estate now and Molly works for KISS FM radio doing the “Bender & Molly in the Morning” show. The Mesnicks live a fairly ordinary life, which is what they’ve wanted, and not long ago they built their dream home together.

While the Mesnicks do their fair share of fun public events and take some exciting trips, it’s not all glorious. Jason and Molly do some Bachelor-related appearances here and there, and she does a lot of events related to her radio show, but the Bachelor lovebirds clearly haven’t tried to stay in the limelight to any significant extent.

As for their recent anniversary, Molly joked on Instagram that the Mesnicks spent their anniversary nursing a sick Riley and eating Pho takeout for dinner. The trio all fell asleep early, but Molly says that it’s a “pretty damn perfect” life that they’ve got going now post-Bachelor.

In another Instagram post celebrating their anniversary, Molly said that there was nobody she would rather do life with than Jason and she looked forward to 80 more years together. However, Molly also joked that they probably wouldn’t have that many years together because she drinks too much wine and Jason is already an old man.

Jason also posted on Instagram on their anniversary, noting that he loved Molly more than life itself. He said that she was the best partner in life and the best mom, and he added that she’s hot. The early days of Jason and Molly’s Bachelor reunion had its rocky moments, as Mesnick took a lot of heat for ending his relationship with Melissa and going back to Molly. However, they stuck together and today are one of the top fan-favorite couples from the franchise.

Can Molly and Jason Mesnick’s Bachelor experience lay the groundwork for Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s bumpy love story to ultimately have a happy ending as well? Everybody will see how it all plays out during the Season 22 finale airing on Monday, March 5 and Tuesday, March 6, with the Mesnicks popping up to share their insight and advice.