‘Mary Poppins Returns’ Trailer Is Here, Revealed At Oscars

Christopher PolkGetty Images

Tonight at the Oscars, they shared the preview for Mary Poppins Returns. E! Online shared the news about this big preview coming out and what the fans can expect. Disney finally released the trailer that fans have been waiting for that shows Emily Blunt as Mary Poppins. This is a live-action film just like the first one.

This movie is set 25 years after the original. It is not a remake, but instead is a sequel and things will be totally different. Michael is now an adult and he is living in his parents’ old home and has three children of his own. It sounds like the same home that was the main focus of the original will be the same house they are in during the remake as well. This is going to bring back a lot of old memories from the first movie.

In the movie, Michael’s wife will end up dying suddenly. This is when Mary Poppins returns to their family to help out. It sounds like she will arrive just when they need her. Of course, this will be full of adventure just like the first movie. It will be great to see Dick Van Dyke return even though he is in a new role. This time around, he will be playing the banker.

One big thing about this movie is that they have a lot to live up to, seeing that the original was such a famous movie and so many people love it. It really does look like Emily Blunt is going to do amazing in the role of Mary Poppins from the preview. The first minute of the preview doesn’t show much besides a little boy chasing a kite and reminding fans of what they loved about the original film. It actually shows Mary Poppins coming down from the sky with her umbrella ready to save the day.

Fans can’t wait to see Mary Poppins Returns when it hits theaters. It will be coming out on Christmas Day of 2018, so there is still a pretty long wait before the film hits theaters. Hopefully, more previews come out between now and then that show more of what to expect.