‘Gold Rush’: Parker Schnabel And Tony Beets Spar, While Todd Hoffman’s Son Hunter Worries About Future

Discovery Channel

In the Gold Rush episode entitled “Independence Day,” Todd Hoffman is nearing the end of his time on the Discovery show. Could what happened this week give fans a clue as to why Todd, Jack, and Hunter Hoffman are leaving the popular gold mining show?

Hunter Hoffman is quickly learning how frustrating gold mining with amateurs can be. He discovers he can no longer load pay dirt into Holy Roller because the trammel is overloaded and has stopped.

It turns out there was a rookie mistake. According to Monsters and Critics, Kevin Hiatt nearly broke a “very expensive piece of equipment.”

They forgot to turn on the water for the spray bars, thus the trommel is not spinning as it should.

Taking after his dad, Hunter decides they need to find a new claim. Todd and Hunter head over to Alma, Colorado.

The claim owner doesn’t like the way the Hoffman crew goes about their mining business and lets them know he thinks they are amateurs and not serious gold miners.

Hunter takes over and asks to check the claim. He pans for gold and sees a few flakes. Then, Hunter declares that the crew will find 5,000 ounces of gold.

Hunter may want to work on the Schnabel crew before making that sort of bold statement again.

Parker Schnabel is ready for his independence, but Tony Beets is standing in his way. Parker tests the new ground and quite a few flakes of gold are found in the test pan.

But, they need to run Big Red and they need to pump water from an old pond–on Tony Beets’ ground. It starts out okay, but soon, the pump is full of sticks and Parker surmises it is because Tony is working on stripping ground around a half mile away from him.

Parker and Tony exchange words, although it is really Parker threatening retribution on Tony, while Tony laughs his big Viking laugh. Parker tells Tony, “Let’s dance.”

Perhaps Parker needs to ask his Aussie girlfriend Ashely Yule that instead?

The gold total for the week surely made Parker a little less surly. Sluicifer weighs in 180.45 ounces, meaning that so far this season, Parker’s team has come up with 5,791 ounces of gold.

Next week is the final weigh-in, and Todd will eat crow and hand over 100 ounces of gold. Will Parker hit over 6,000 ounces of gold this season?

It is no surprise that Tony is laughing at Parker as his own claims are more about the big machine than mining gold.

The second dredge needs the 23-ton bucket ladder removed, but it is too heavy for the ladder. Deciding to split it in two, they remove the pontoon underneath by cutting it.

Things get testy as Mike Beets attempts to run over his dad with one of the cranes, while Tony, showing great strength, grabs the 23-ton bucket ladder with his hands swinging it. He ends up knocking the crane over the mountain in an awe-inspiring move.