Trump Boasts Of ‘Accomplishing A Lot In Washington’ At ‘Fun Gridiron Dinner,’ Receives Twitter Backlash

Win McNameeGetty Images

Donald Trump proved he knows how to have a bit of fun after showing some self-deprecating humor at the recent Gridiron Dinner, however, he was back to his boastful ways, bragging on Twitter about his accomplishments as president of the United States.

Trump made a rare appearance at the Gridiron Dinner on Saturday night and uncharacteristically poked fun at himself and other people close to him, including his wife, Melania, and son-in-law, Jared Kushner. The jokes were awkward, to say the least, according to the Cut.

Trump later made it known through Twitter that he enjoyed himself at the event, NPR reported.

“The Gridiron Dinner last night was great fun. I am accomplishing a lot in Washington and have never had a better time doing something and especially since this is for the American People,” Trump wrote on Twitter.

The tweet was immediately met with criticisms as Trump was accused of the opposite. Some comments dwelled on how most Americans didn’t want him as president. A few people reminded Trump that Hillary Clinton won the majority of the votes.

“You’ve hardly accomplished anything since becoming President,” Shaf Patel told Trump. “Most Americans don’t even support you! Most Americans do not want you anywhere near the White House. GET OUT!”

A lot of Twitter users pointed out what they deem as the negative “accomplishments” of Trump. One of the most prominent criticisms of Trump mentioned in the comment section is his approval rating.

Twitter user KalliJo pointed out that Trump has the lowest approval rating among all U.S. presidents. KalliJo listed other so-called accomplishments of Trump including the “Most lies told,” which were supposedly “Fact checked and proven [as] lies.”

KalliJo also said Trump achieved the “Most Days playing golf,” “Most criminal indictments of administration and staff,” and “Biggest resignations/firings of staff.”

Some people also blasted Trump for his accomplishments, which critics claimed benefited him more than his countrymen, leading some to they don’t see or feel the supposed improvements in their lives.

“You have not done anything to benefit me long term… or the next generation,” Teresa Williams said.

“The only thing that was accomplished ‘A BIG NOTHING’ I can just guess what the Former Presidents are saying and [it’s] nothing good,” said CommonSense.

“Everything you’ve done is to benefit yourself. Your [sic] helping yourself right into impeachment and prison,” Lori Akin said on Twitter.

A good portion of the Twitter comments called out Trump for spending a lot of time on the golf course and for apparently using taxpayers’ money for his and the first family’s supposed personal trips.

“You’ve played golf 100 times in approximately 400 days,” said The Hoarse Whisperer.

“You are America’s most expensive racist retiree in history.”

“Oh sure, what a good time. Playing 100 rounds of golf on taxpayers dime, and your resort profiting at the same time,” Robert Barden added. “A win-win for Trump and lose-lose for America. How many homeless vets could be housed with the millions you’ve spent on your golf trips.”

“100 days of paid golf days plus additional profits must clearly be fun,” said Juan H Gonzales.

“[Trump] hasn’t divested himself from his companies and TAX PAYERS have to pay the $500.00 PER NIGHT fee he charges for the rooms he, his family, his staff and the secret service stay in. He’s biking us dry,” claimed A C Kelley.

“Not to mention the expense to taxpayers for the Air Force One flights to & from Mar a Lago. And the parties and dinners he throws for his elite 1% is also at taxpayers expense,” said Rebecca Brown.

“You’ve accomplished the most golfing, the most lies, the most corruption, the most indictments, the most investigated, the most destructive, the most corrosive, the most lying, the most nepotism, the most corrupt cabinet. So yeah, you’ve accomplished a lot. Of nothing good,” said Clayton Moretton.

A host of Twitter users also questioned the mental health of the president, which has hounded Trump even before he was sworn into office. Trump’s propensity to brag and highlight his accomplishments has apparently done little to quell rumors of mental instability. Others said Trump patting himself on the back simply leaves a bad taste in their mouths.

“People who actually accomplish ‘a lot’ don’t feel the need to actually tell others. Their actions speak for themselves, yours does not, and the rest of the world knows it. Stick to golfing in Florida,” said The Numbers Guy UK.

“This tweet sounds like it was written by someone whose brain was damaged after they ran themselves over with their own Rolls Royce. Kind of a dumber version of Regarding Henry,” said Alternative Fax.

“A hollow drum always makes the most noise,” said Anne Miller. “Boasting doesn’t make it true, but it does sound like a naughty two-year-old. A toddler with nuclear weapons to use if he has a tantrum!”

“When you have to praise yourself, we don’t worry about your sanity one bit, Mr. President, no sir,” Fortune tweeted.

There were a few Trump supporters who acknowledged what the president said on Twitter. Some thanked Trump, while others congratulated him for his accomplishments.