Boston Red Sox Rumors: Team Plans To Use J.D. Martinez In Outfield, According To Report By 'Boston Herald'

Boston Red Sox rumors have addressed how the team plans to use J.D. Martinez in the outfield during the 2018 MLB season. Some new information may surprise some Red Sox fans and fantasy baseball owners, though, as the team already has three great options in the outfield. A report by the Boston Herald just came out, revealing how the coaching staff is working on lineups that will include Martinez playing an outfield position.

Red Sox manager Alex Cora spoke at-length about what the team could do during some home and road games. It raises some interesting lineup questions, but could also allow for the star players of the team to have built-in rest days.

"At home he'll play left field and if somehow he plays somewhere on the road here, he'll play right field."
Breaking down these Boston Red Sox rumors that Cora addressed, it would mean that Mookie Betts would play center field on the road if J.D. Martinez started in right field. That would likely allow Jackie Bradley Jr., who typically plays center field for the team, a few additional days off. Martinez playing in left field would likely allow Andre Benintendi to either have a day off or get used as the designated hitter during those particular home games. On other days, Martinez could be used at first base or as the designated hitter.In most instances, J.D. Martinez will be considered a defensive liability for the Red Sox when compared to the other options that the team currently has on the roster. Working with Benintendi, Bradley, and Betts on a day-to-day basis gives the Red Sox one of the best outfield trios in the game. But, Bradley can sometimes be a liability on offense, especially in the power department, so it's possible that Alex Cora is just finding ways to add some more pop to the lineup.

The main reason that Cora has some trust in Martinez playing left field at home, is due to the nice wall that Fenway Park presents. It means there is far-less ground for Martinez to cover, making the job a bit easier for anyone playing left field. That's not the case on the road, but right fielders typically have fewer defensive plays during a regular-season game. While these Boston Red Sox rumors have now been officially addressed, fans and fantasy baseball owners may want to watch closely as they try it out in Spring Training.