Cynthia Bailey Responds To Shamea Morton's Claim That Will Jones Might Be Gay

Cynthia Bailey is sticking up for Will Jones, despite the fact that their romantic relationship may already be over. In a Real Housewives of Atlanta After Show video recently posted on Bravo's website, Cynthia responded to Shamea Morton's claim that she heard that Will dates men. Cynthia lashed out at Shamea for repeating something so harmful about a good man and made it clear that she doesn't believe that Will is actually gay.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Shamea, in a previous after show video, said that she knew a friend who went on a date with Will. According to Shamea, her friend ended up having to pay for her portion of the date. Shamea further said that she heard from a man at Cynthia's 50th birthday party that Will doesn't even like women and goes to predominately gay bars. Even more shocking, Shamea said that this man also said that Will dates men.

In her interview, Cynthia first said that there's nothing wrong about going Dutch on dates.

"Uh, okay. The going Dutch thing first, cause that's an easy one. I don't have a problem going Dutch on dates. I feel like if a guy takes me out all the time, I'm happy to treat him sometimes."
Cynthia then tackled Shamea's claim that Will might be gay or bisexual. Cynthia said that she doesn't believe that Will is gay. She made it clear that she believes it's just a rumor made up just for drama's sake.
"Moving on forward to this whole gay rumor. Again, I'm just starting to get to know Will. I don't know that much about his past. But I'm going to pretty much say that it's probably a rumor. There's nothing wrong with being gay. I mean, if he's gay, he's gay and that's fine, but that's one of my deal breakers [laughs]. I'm not gay so it's not gonna work for us if he's gay. But I don't believe, I don't believe it. I mean, the opportunist thing, I mean we ran with that so he's a gay opportunist now? It's like, alright, what else is gonna be next?"
Cynthia pointed out that Shamea doesn't have any firsthand knowledge about Will's sexuality and so saying what she did about Will was reckless and irresponsible on her part. Cynthia defended Will as a great guy who's also a great dad.
"Did you see Will kiss a man with your own eyes? Then that is like a little bit more relevant to me than you're told, you think, or maybe he's bi-curious or maybe he's whatever. Well maybe I'm gay, like what? You know what I mean? But again, just to like, all this putting stuff out there, just reckless talk, because you heard something or whatever, it's a little irresponsible at some point. You're like, this is a man who's a great guy, he's a great dad, he has a beautiful daughter and you're putting out this information, whether it's true or not, because you don't even know, you're just saying you heard, it could be, it's possible, maybe, you know, it's just kinda reckless."
Earlier on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Cynthia Bailey and Will Jones seemed to be on the path of a great relationship. They both seemed smitten with one another. Yet their dating relationship hit a roadblock after NeNe Leakes' friend, Eva Marcille, claimed that Will had recently introduced someone to her as his girlfriend, possibly around the same time that he started dating Cynthia. Porsha Williams then added that she heard from someone that Will said that he was going to date Cynthia because it was a opportunity for him. Will vehemently denied to a tearful Cynthia that he had a girlfriend when he began dating her and that he was just dating her because it was a good opportunity for him. Will angrily pointed out to her that dating her was actually just causing him a lot of drama that he could do without. Feeling overwhelmed by all of the rumors, Cynthia then went off to Barcelona with the housewives.Ironically, during the Barcelona trip, Shamea Morton quickly questioned Eva on her sexuality. In front of the other women, Shamea, bringing up the rumor that Eva once dated the rapper Missy Elliott, asked Eva if her fiance has a problem with her dating women. Eva denied that she ever dated women and lashed out at Shamea for trying to stir up something.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, after that episode aired, Eva and Shamea traded jabs at one another on social media. In one tweet, Eva, referencing Shamea's gay accusation against Will, accused Shamea of perhaps being homophobic.

It remains to be seen whether The Real Housewives of Atlanta viewers will see Cynthia Bailey with Will Jones again in a future episode. Perhaps on the reunion show, they'll even see Will confronting Shamea Morton about the gay rumor?