Ryan Seacrest Fans Rally As He’s Expected To Face Hostile Territory On Red Carpet

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Ryan Seacrest might have to weather the cold, but not from the type of chill that registers on a thermometer. The cold front he may encounter is the one predicted to hit him head-on as he strolls the red carpet tonight attempting to interview the celebs and stars coming out for the Oscars, according to latest reports.

This snubbing activity is expected to occur despite the announcement made last month last month by NBC Universal-owned entertainment channel. An independent investigation found “insufficient evidence to substantiate allegations against Seacrest.” This came after a two-month-long probe, according to the Daily Beast.

The Daily Beast reports Seacrest will hit the red carpet “amid expressions of discomfort and, in some cases indignation, from celebrity publicists and movie stars, some of whom are expected to avoid doing on-camera interviews with him.” After former E! stylist, Suzie Hardy, made allegations of sexual misconduct against Seacrest, the fall-out has been rocky for the “Live” co-host. The snubbing on the red carpet is expected as part of the aftermath of her allegations.

Deadline is reporting that things could get “very uncomfortable or even become confrontational” for Seacrest tonight as he makes his rounds among the celebrities on E!’s pre-Oscars show. A poll from VH1 is underway asking the simple question, “Do you think celebrities should talk to Ryan Seacrest on the Oscars red carpet?” This question offers two answers and people are asked to pick one.

The first answer is “Yes he is innocent until proven guilty,” with the second being, “No, these allegations are way too serious to ignore.” The “Yes” answer was in the lead in the hours leading up to the red carpet show. “Yes” sits with 58 percent of the votes and “No” comes in with 42 percent. This is close enough to suggest that people are split on whether or not folks should talk to Seacrest.

Ryan Seacrest
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As soon as Seacrest became aware of these allegations, which was about three months ago, he contacted his own lawyers and E! hired an outside attorney as well. The attorney for E! interviewed Seacrest twice and his accuser three times as part of a lengthy investigation and there was “insufficient evidence” to go forward with these allegations.

One of several defense scenarios put into place starts with a longer than usual delay between the time people talk with Seacrest and the time that piece shows up on live E! TV coverage. Delays are common for awards shows but they are usually set at 5 seconds or so, but E! admits tonight’s delay for Seacrest will be “much greater.”

This is to “keep any potential snubs or awkward, to put it kindly, off the air,” reports Deadline. As a previous Inquisitr article reports, E! will be setting up friendly interviews with the celebrities who are willing to do so with Seacrest as another proactive movement.

Despite all the concerns that Seacrest will walk into hostile territory, his fans on the social media sites rally around him. Below is a sampling of what Twitter users are saying today about their support for Seacrest.