Jennifer Aniston Reportedly ‘Devastated’: Justin Theroux Wants Baby With New Girlfriend, Reports ‘New Idea’


Jennifer Aniston survived a highly publicized divorce from Brad Pitt after he hooked up with Angelina Jolie on the set of Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Just a few weeks ago, Jennifer went through another headline-grabbing split, this time from her second husband Justin Theroux. Now there’s more heartbreak reported for Aniston, with an insider telling New Idea that Justin Theroux and his new girlfriend Alexa Chung are planning on having a baby. Jennifer has reportedly turned to Brad Pitt amid her split from Justin, even enjoying “secret sleepovers,” as the Inquisitr reported. But although Aniston is rumored to have found some comfort in her renewed romance with Brad, the baby news about Justin is allegedly deeply painful for Aniston.

“Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux have both well and truly moved on from each other. Jen [is] seeking solace in the arms of ex-husband Brad Pitt, [while] Justin has completely fallen for British model Alexa Chung.”

A Theroux insider told the magazine that Justin is “smitten” with his new girlfriend. Although Theroux reportedly did not begin his relationship with Alexa planning on having the babies that he and Jennifer never welcomed into the world, his life has changed dramatically since he met Chung.

Justin Theroux Plans Baby With Alexa Chung After Jennifer Aniston Split

Jennifer Aniston’s second husband has informed his buddies that although he “didn’t plan this to happen,” his romance with his new girlfriend has already soared to the next level. As a result, the 46-year-old actor and his 34-year-old girlfriend, who are thought to have met through mutual friends in 2017, are moving forward without considering how Jennifer Aniston might feel. Justin and Alexa are “already planning a vacation and starting a family together,” added the insider.

Jennifer Aniston reportedly is turning to Brad Pitt amid her split from Justin Theroux.
Jennifer Aniston reportedly is turning to Brad Pitt amid her split from Justin Theroux.Featured image credit: Chris PizzelloAP Images

Romance rumors soared when Theroux and Chung were seen together in February at New York Fashion Week. The speculation increased amid reports that Jennifer was in Los Angeles, turning to her girlfriends such as Friends co-star Courteney Cox as she celebrated her 49th birthday. The source revealed that Theroux’s split from Jennifer Aniston brought him closer to his new gal pal.

“Justin’s known Alexa for a while, but sparks flew again at NYFW last month and he leaned on her during his marriage breakdown – and during the aftermath of the split, they’ve become even closer.”

The insider also claimed that Chung has been seen paying a visit to the actor at his retreat in the Hamptons. Justin allegedly has sought to avoid the city at times because of the publicity resulting from his breakup with Jennifer Aniston. As for how their romance is going, the source revealed that the new lovebirds are “head over heels” for each other, with Alexa informing Jennifer Aniston’s ex that she is longing to become pregnant soon.

Jennifer Aniston Wanted Baby With Justin Theroux

Theroux allegedly has always longed to be a father. But the news that Alexa and Justin are planning a baby is heartbreaking for Jennifer Aniston, according to the magazine’s insiders.

“The baby news will no doubt devastate Jen, as pals say Justin repeatedly broke his promise to have a baby with her because of his frustration over her refusal to make a life for herself and with him in New York.”

Moreover, Chung reportedly is eager to take the relationship to another level. Although she is “not interested in marriage,” Alexa also has informed the actor that she wants to be more than just his “rebound fling,” added the source. Theroux reportedly has agreed to make a commitment to her desire to have a baby. He allegedly longed for children when he was with Jennifer.

“[Justin wanted] children with Jen for so long, but the distance and other circumstances made it impossible,” clarified the source.

Meanwhile, Alexa reportedly has gone on a diet designed to boost her fertility. She and Aniston’s ex are already trying for a baby, according to the insider. The sources predicted that it won’t be long before Theroux’s girlfriend is pregnant and Jennifer learns the news.

Jennifer Aniston Happy With Brad Pitt, But Thought To Be Heartbroken By Justin Theroux Baby News

Aniston reportedly will learn the news about her second husband’s new romance soon. He and Chung reportedly plan to take their romance public as soon as his divorce from Jennifer has been finalized. Moreover, the new couple will be heading overseas next month. Because he and Aniston have so many friends in common, it’s thought that she will soon hear about the news. And even though she is enjoying her alleged renewed romance with Brad Pitt, the baby part of the equation will be heartbreaking, according to the insider.

“With so many mutual pals, Jen will no doubt find out sooner rather than later and this will break her heart – no matter how happy she is with Brad.”

Chung and Theroux will be taking a trip to the UK in April, revealed the source. During their vacation, he will be meeting her friends and relatives at a family wedding. However, the actor plans to do his best to stay out of the spotlight.

“Justin’s keen to keep things as low profile as possible while the dust settles and until his divorce is finalized,” explained the insider.