Jennifer Aniston Hasn’t Told Oscars Team To Protect Her And Brad Pitt From Angelina Jolie, Reports MSN

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Rumors soared that Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt would go public with their alleged renewed romance at the Oscars, and one report even claimed that Jennifer had instructed her Academy Awards team to protect her and Brad from Aniston’s rumored “love rival” Angelina Jolie. However, MSN has debunked the allegations about Jennifer Aniston and Brad going public at the Academy Awards, including the claims that Jen wanted to be protected from Angelina.

Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt Oscars Rumors

Multiple rumors claimed that Aniston and Pitt had agreed to take their rumored reunion public at Sunday’s Oscars ceremony. As for why they would chose the Oscars, the evening has become famed as Hollywood’s biggest awards ceremony. With media flocking to cover red carpet couples, Jennifer and Brad allegedly agreed that the Academy Awards would provide them with the perfect opportunity to take their under-the-radar relationship to the next level. But those allegations have been debunked.

A supposed source described as a “close friend” of Jennifer and Brad even claimed that they were planning to attend a party, adding that all of Aniston’s and Pitt’s friends allegedly were eager to spend time with them. One false report even claimed that a “run-in” with Jolie was the “one thing threatening to rain” on Brad’s and Jennifer’s Academy Awards “parade.”

Jennifer Aniston and former husband Brad Pitt are facing rumors that they'll take their allegedly renewed relationship public at the Academy Awards. Featured image credit: Mark J. TerrillAP Images

Angelina Jolie Portrayed As Jennifer Aniston’s ‘Love Rival’

The tabloid falsely claimed that Angelina had caused Aniston to debate about a different approach to going public. Jennifer supposedly learned about Jolie’s plans for the Academy Awards by somehow getting linked to the rumor “grapevine,” which the tabloid’s insider insisted caused Aniston to issue orders to her Academy Award team.

The fake report even alleged that Aniston had set up a contingency plan in case Jen, Brad, and Jolie went to to the same party, claiming that Aniston had “instructed her team of minders to keep her long-time love rival away.”

But in reality, although Aniston has been seen at Oscar parties in previous years, she never confirmed that she would attend any celebrations this year. Moreover, Jennifer and Brad didn’t state that they would go public at the Academy Awards.


Gossip Cop also challenged the many reports about Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt renewing their romance and going public at the Academy Awards. And despite all those fans of Jen and Brad longing for them to rekindle their relationship, the publication denied that the two have actually renewed their romance.

“There is no real Aniston-Pitt reunion.”

The same tabloid reporting on Angelina Jolie’s role as Jennifer’s “love rival” previously claimed that Aniston and Pitt were tying the knot again, pointed out Gossip Cop. The allegations that Jen and Brad remarried, however, are as much as a “deception” as the claims that Aniston has told her team to protect her and Brad from Angelina and an “ugly showdown” at the Oscars.