Prince Harry Works Out For Wedding, Meghan Markle Gets In Shape For First Date With Queen Elizabeth

Prince Harry is in top shape, and until his wedding to Meghan Markle, he's still the world's most eligible bachelor, but he's not taking any chances. Page Six wrote that Prince Harry is ramping up his fitness schedule and getting in shape for the day he and Meghan Markle say "I do."

The prince has made a point of telling his friends that he wants to look good when he marries Meghan Markle in front of over 2,000 guests, including 1,200 members of the general public and a huge television audience, on May 19. He's been spotted showing up regularly at London's super-posh KX gym where he and other members each pay $15,000 a year to get fit with top trainers.

Royal watchers and London's upper crust women are taking note of the prince's presence at the gym. New York socialite Rachel Heller was enjoying a cruise on the luxury ship Queen Mary II when she let slip that women gym users seem to be doing their best to catch Prince Harry's attention while there's still a chance at romance.

She said that women at Harry's gym are making sure their workout outfits include full makeup, and they all have "hair blown-out."

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are getting in shape for their wedding day.
Meghan Markle has reportedly also been seen at Prince Harry's gym.

Insiders at the ritzy club say that Harry suits up in all-black and stays focused on his crunches, weights, and Meghan Markle, who is also said to be hitting the same gym before the big day.

Markle has to get ready for more than her wedding day to Harry. Now that she's becoming part of the royal family as Harry's princess bride, Meghan is taking on some official engagements of her own.

Only months after meeting Prince Harry's grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, for the first time, Meghan Markle is making her first official appearance with the queen. The Commonwealth Day service is a big day for the royals, and Queen Elizabeth is usually only accompanied by the highest-ranking members of the royal family, so it's a big deal for Meghan Markle and important for the future princess to get it right.

She won't be stuck on her own trying to remember all the details of royal etiquette, though. According to the Express,Prince Harry. Prince William, and Kate Middleton will all be there to help her.

Meghan Markle is working hard to learn the royal ropes while Prince Harry works out before their wedding day.
Prince Harry will be there to help Meghan Markle through her first appearance with Queen Elizabeth.

Prince William and Kate Middleton will also attend a special dinner in the evening, but Meghan Markle is off the hook for that engagement this year.

For anyone wanting to check out how ready Prince Harry's bride is to become a royal, the entire service will be broadcast live on BBC One and across BBC World Service.