Donald Trump's 'Ability To Do Harm Is Going To Increase,' According To Retired Four-Star General

Max Mundan

In an interview with the Washington Post for an article published Saturday, retired four-star Army General Barry McCaffrey warned that American citizens should "be alarmed" about Donald Trump's recent erratic behavior and the current chaos at the White House.

The past week has been an extremely tough one for the president. Not only has Hope Hicks, his closest White House ally, who isn't an immediate family member, announced her resignation, but there are swirling rumors that both National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster and White House Chief of Staff John Kelly might be headed for the door. He has sparked Twitter feuds with actor Alec Baldwin (who he referred to as Alex Baldwin) and his own attorney general, Jeff Sessions.

He has threatened to begin what many in his own party believe would be an ill-advised trade war, and has been all over the map regarding the prospect of gun control, alarming his supporters by seeming to advocate taking the guns of American citizens away without due process, according to an article in Time magazine.

Trump has also had to watch the net of the Robert Mueller investigation begin to close around him and his family, particularly his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, who has felt the heat of Mueller's attention recently and had his access to top secret communications removed, according to a report from the New York Times.

According to this new report from the Washington Post, this has left President Trump fuming, isolated, and enraged, spending his mornings and evenings furiously watching criticism of himself on cable news programs. One unnamed ally of the president is even quoted as calling the situation "pure madness."

General Barry McCaffrey, who is a Vietnam veteran with three Purple Heart medals to his credit, gave the Washington Post a dire warning about what the future might hold for Trump and the American people.

"I think the president is starting to wobble in his emotional stability and this is not going to end well. Trump's judgment is fundamentally flawed, and the more pressure put on him and the more isolated he becomes, I think, his ability to do harm is going to increase."
"They've got another one, Josh Bolton, a former U.N. ambassador from the United States, who will make Steve Bannon look like Nancy Pelosi."