Secret Service Responds To Report Man Shot Himself Dead In Front Of White House [Update]

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UPDATE: 5:55 p.m. EST: CNN has confirmed that a car with Alabama plates parked near the suicide scene belonged to the man who shot himself by the north gate of the White House. Secret Service and police said that they would not release the name of the man until his next of kin was notified.

“Law enforcement personnel spent about four hours Saturday afternoon searching a maroon Honda Accord with an Alabama license plate parked on the street near the Capital Hilton hotel, a few blocks from the White House. After officers blocked off the area, a bomb squad swept the car, and law enforcement personnel removed several items from it, including what looked like pictures and documents from a cigar box, before towing the car away. “

A Man Committed Suicide By The North Gate Of The White House Today

The Secret Service is responding to shots fired at the White House as an unidentified man has shot himself. The White House is on lockdown, and everyone in the building has been asked to stay in place. The Hollywood Reporter says that the man’s condition is unknown, but there are no other injuries associated with the shooting. Donald Trump is currently not in the White House as he is vacationing at his Florida home, Mar-a-Lago.

The shooting took place at approximately noon EST along the north fence line of the White House across from Lafayette Park. The Secret Service, through their Twitter account, alerted the public to the events at the White House.

“BREAKING: Secret Service personnel are responding to reports of a person who allegedly suffered a self-inflicted gunshot wound along the north fence line of .”

The Secret Service updated potential visitors to the White House that access has been reduced.

“UPDATE: Pedestrian and Vehicular traffic around the is being impacted due to the incident.”

The Secret Service then added that medical personnel was attending to the man who was observed shooting himself at the White House by Secret Service. While the man who fired shots at himself seems to be the only person harmed, people inside the White House are “sheltering in place.”

CNN confirmed that the man who shot himself is dead.


Only One Person Was Injured During The White House Shooting

CNN said that only deputy press secretary Hogan Gidley has commented from within the White House.

“We are aware of the incident. The President has been briefed. I refer you to the Secret Service for any more information.”

NBC Washington says that man who was involved in the shooting outside of the White House has not been identified, but they can confirm that nobody else was injured in the incident. An ambulance has left the scene presumably with the body of the man involved in the shooting.